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Why So Many Chose ‘Chareidim’ Kashrus This Year

c05Worldwide stringent leaders in kashrus mark a year since the founding of the renowned chareidim hechsher as one of the most reliable of kashrus seals the world over.

Pesach is the focal point of stringencies in kashrus for Jews. It’s therefore the opportune time to mark the monumental point which has been reached just a year to date, with the founding of the new hechsher, chareidim . With its noteworthy commendation as one of the purest forms of kashrus and elite standard requirements, chareidim has made a name for itself as the best for those who seek superior kosher products.

The certification was founded with the backing of prominent worldwide gedolim who have been concerned with the lack of stringencies for the ever increasing spectrum of kosher food availability we’re privy to today.

At this past year’s “mamed hayisod” which took place in NY and was lead by the venerable Toldos Aharon Dayan of Williamsburg shlita, the Gavad Serdaheli shlita, Viner rav, the Toldos Avrohom Yizchok Rebbe shlita,leaders of yehadis hachreidis and many more. The idea of instituting such a boost of precision in the kashrus world was introduced with praiseworthy mention.

Not long thereafter, the certification blossomed with a seal of approval overseeing manufacturing plants worldwide, as well as subsidiaries from product factories which host a segment that is reserved for kosher production.

The head Rav in charge of kosher certification is known for placing attention to detail to even the most minute of processes and is specialized in all kashrus knowledge. With a keen understanding and vast knowledge of each procedure practiced at manufacturing facilities, the Rav has gained tremendous respect from plant supervisors of every nationality as well as other kashrus leaders. Every plant which releases products bearing the chareidim seal of approval is inspected by the Rav himself, whose trained eye supervises all aspects of production. Once the initial approval is confirmed, the mashgichim are deployed to oversee all actual proceedings.

The team of mashgichim which are subsidiaries of the chareidim hechsher board are situated in worldwide facilities. All for the purpose of commitment and mesiras nefesh for kashrut, a value they predominantly share.

Each mashgiach reports back to the Rav hamachshir, providing extensive detail on developing strategies. Once a manufacturing facility bears the chareidim seal of approval, no course of action is taken prior to the consent of the overseeing rav. This applies to direction and ingredient placement, as well as all production strategies.

The seal of chareidim , now synonymous with purity of standard in the kosher world, renders the product bearing its name as one of guaranteed supervision of the highest code in kashrus.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

10 Responses

  1. “With its noteworthy commendation as one of the purest forms of kashrus and elite standard requirements, chareidim has made a name for itself as the best for those who seek superior kosher products.”

    Really? According to who?

    Who wrote this infomercial?

  2. Based on this article it seems it is safe to assume that anything under this hashgacha is for sure yashan. Anything cooked is according to the standards of the beit yosef and all meat is glatt beit yosef.

  3. Shasho that is a great assumption but don’t be naive and assume anything but BYL is appropriate for a sefardi Jew who follows the bet yosef’s shita. You are obviously a very intelligent individual.

  4. This article sounds like it was written in some other language and translated by Google Translate.

    How do they decide which color robes to wear, black, light blue, brown, or pastel?

  5. Does this mean we will now have to have 6 hashgochos on each product?

    It gets kind of crazy already. One one hand, the Chareidi population may be the poorest in the country, yet with all these hashgocho’s their prices are the highest. This is not helping the people. There are enough good hashgochos already. Let the politics begin!

  6. BarryLS1:

    They (I’m refering to all these Johny come lately, Hechsherim) are using religion/”Frumkeit” to basically fleece their fellow gullible Jews. We see this especially before Pesach (total price gouging) & Succos (Arba minim). We already have, for many years, the OU, OK, StarK, etc… They are very well run Organizations with very Chashuva Rabbonim leading them. There is absolutely no need for most of these new Johnny come lately “Heimisha” “Hechsherim”! They are plain and simple, jealous, that the Litvisha/Modernisha have control of the Kashrus scene! We recently saw this with the scurrilous bugs in the Tropicana OJ libel! Boy did that story quickly disappear. These private “Heimisha” “Hechsherim” are always looking for ways to make themselves look more “Frum” than those Shkotzim that consume food from the big established Hechsherim.
    If you look back in the last 20 or so years, every major Kashrus scandal (meat, chicken, hot dogs, shaimus), was from a “private” “HEIMISHA” Hechsher, NOT those modern guys at the OU, OK, StarK, ChofK, etc…!

    Example: If Tasters Choice coffee is OU Kosher LiPesach without any additional symbal, why do I see it in the local supermarkets with a Gefen sticker slopped across the top for literally triple the price??? This is insane! And then the Askanim wonder why more & more people need to come on to Kimcha Dipischa! When will this madness end?

    As an aside, I see one of the “Dayanim” metioned above, was one of the biggest pushers to bring the “Eruv” to Boro Park, against the Psak of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZT”L!

  7. My rebbe always says to make sure the what ever product you buy has an national hechsher (OU, OK, CK, Star K, CRC etc. and a chassidush one, the national one to make sure that the ingredients are kosher, and the chassidush one to make sure a yid light the fire, and that you need both!

  8. Dunno about the hechsher but I’m using the chareidim matzos on the recommendation of my dentist being that they are the thinnest and I have bad tmj

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