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Jerusalem Councilman King Warns of Mayor Barkat’s Plan to Legalize Illegal Arab Construction

ejAccording to Jerusalem Councilman Aryeh King, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, is about to give the okay for a plan that will legalize illegal Arab construction in the city. King is referring to Plan 30006, which will in effect whitewash illegal Arab construction retroactively, referring to homes in the Jabil Mukhaber neighborhood of the city.

King reports the plan would legalize 700 Arabs homes that are now illegal. He warns that councilman understand that the number impacts 300 illegal housing units but in actuality, the number is close to 3,000. King warns this is not all, and the plan also calls for allocating large plots of land to permit construction of 7,000 new housing units for the Arab sector. King insists that the city council was told there was only going to be 2,200 housing units, not 7,000. King explains the Jerusalem City Council is not being given the facts regarding 30006.

It should be point out that even before becoming a councilman King in recent years has been active working with an NGO to reclaim and redeem areas of the capital that are now in Arab control.

King explains that on the one hand, PM Netanyahu has imposed a building freeze on Jewish housing in the capital and on the other side, plans are underway to approve widespread Arab sector construction in Jerusalem. In addition, King report the city has almost ceased enforcing the building code in the Arab sector – meaning to say that illegal construction is rampant.

Arutz-7 News reports that King is also questioning Bayit Yehudi party officials, including Housing Minister Uri Ariel, who he explains are asleep at the wheel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. What’s wrong with illegal arab construction – it’s the Jewish construction that’s the problem! Why don’t you get it??
    President Hussein would even praise Mayor Barakat! (Only if he doesn’t know that Barakat is Jewish!) He might even sue him for taking his name! LOL

  2. Lior – your question should be re-worded to why any arab housing is ok. Maybe you were not aware but it’s an issur d’orita to allow non-Jews a foothold in Israel. Add to that the issue of sakanat nefesh. You may not be familiar with Jabel Mukaber but I happen to be and if you do a simple google search you’ll find a great deal of terror attacks in Jerusalem over the past few years have come from people living in this neighborhood including the Merkaz HaRav shooter and the guy who crushed somebody with his tractor this last erev Tisha b’Av

  3. assurnet: The Arabs are not moving into EY. They’ve lived there for many centuries. They are not being given a foothold. They already have long had a foothold.

  4. Toras Moshe – I fail to see your point. If you see a chiloni eating treif and he refuses to eat kosher food should you buy him another ham sandwich because, hey – he’s gotta eat something. Many poskim (I don’t have a head count but maybe even a majority) hold you can’t even rent an apartment to a goy in eretz Yisrael, much less let them build one.

    The Canaanim also lived in Eretz Yisrael for several centuries before we arrived yet that wasn’t a valid excuse not to toss them out. Why should it be now?

    And as I said earlier, this particular neighborhood may have very well contributed more terrorists than any other in Yerushalayim. From a security point of view why on earth should we be encouraging such a place to expand?!?

  5. assurnet: Yidden are not allowed to control Eretz Yisroel prior to Moshiach, so we are not permitted to prevent the Arabs from building on land Arabs own.

  6. Toras Moshe – the problem isn’t so much ontrolling Eretz Yisrael so much as taking it over in the first place. Rov poskim hold that whether or not we were allowed to take it over, b’diavad now that we already have it we should keep it. If halacha l’maseh was really that we can’t have control over the land then why would there be two Charedi parties in knesset under the direction of the gedolei hador trying to make laws whose very essence is to assert control over Eretz Yisrael? If we had to wait till Mashiach then everyone would be chayavim to leave the government and protest the existence of the state like Satmar.

    Additionally who said anything about preventing them from building on lands they own? The very fact the buildings are illegal means they didn’t have reshut to build there in the first place.

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