Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto’s Medical Condition Reportedly Serious & Complicated


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pintoThe Shuvu Yisrael kehilla is being mispallel for the recovery of their admor, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, whose medical condition is being described as “serious and complicated”. Rabbi Pinto recently underwent serious surgeries and medical procedures for his illness. He remains hospitalized in a NYC hospital.

The rav’s condition reportedly deteriorated last month and then there was a measure of stability following surgery. Prior to the last surgery Rabbi Pinto sent a letter to his followers, giving them chizuk.

Kehilla officials are calling on the tzibur to continue being mispallel for Rabbi Pinto, Yoshiyahu Yosef ben Zari bsoch kol cholei am yisrael.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)