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Brooklyn: Man Driving With Loaded Machine Gun Arrested

gThe NYPD says officers who pulled over a car for a minor violation discovered powerful weapons and ammunition inside.

When the driver couldn’t produce any papers, he was ordered to step outside. That’s when police observed a large straight edge knife on the floor of the car.

As they continued to search, police discovered a 9mm machine gun, two high capacity magazines – one loaded with 19 9mm rounds – about 100 other caliber rounds plus two stun guns.

The driver, Harvey McManus of Brooklyn, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and other charges.

Police say he initially was stopped for excessively tinted windows.

It wasn’t immediately known if McManus had a lawyer.


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  1. He was just trying to protect himself from that irate police officer! It’s good these officers were not too busy to bring him down it the station and arrest him like the one that stopped the uber driver driver for honking.

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