NY Lawmakers Mull Warning Labels On Sugary Drinks


sdrNew York lawmakers are taking a look at a proposal to require labels on sugary drinks to warn consumers about the dangers of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

Two committees of the state Assembly are scheduled to hold a public hearing on the proposal Monday in New York City.

The legislation is sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection.

The warnings would appear on cans and bottles of regular soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages. The size of the label would increase based on the size of the container.

Lawmakers in California defeated a similar proposal last year. Critics of sugary drinks have also proposed taxes and size restrictions. A ban on supersize sugary drinks in New York City was struck down.



  1. Won’t the people who think that Coca Cola is a health food be shocked? We all know that obesity is caused by bad labels on food, and has nothing to do with overeating and not getting much exercise.

  2. I’m sure this law will provide employment opportunities for people who can’t get into productive positions in legitimate industries. It seems to me they could cover all bases by making ALL foods contain a label that says, “If this product tastes good, it might kill you.”