IDF Launches Website To Light a Candle in Memory of the Six Million Kedoshim


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candOn Thursday, 27 Nissan, Israel observes Holocaust Memorial Day.

A website has been established to permit visitors to light a candle in memory of those who perished.

“Together, let’s light six million candles in memory of six million people who lived, learned, thrived, struggled, laughed, worked and loved”.

Some statistics pertaining to Holocaust survivors living in Israel today:

· There are 189,000 survivors today

· 45,000 survivors are living under the poverty line

· About 40 survivors are niftar in Israel daily

· 25% must do without medications or medical treatment due to their bleak fiscal realities

· 45% of survivors report they feel alone and isolated.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Don’t quite understand this as a survivor I know, a lovely gentle Hungarian man, tells me he doesn’t pay for medicines as a result of being a survivor.

  2. At long-last – I just hear a Rav say – lighting a candle , saying Mishanos, or Psalms or the real Jewish way to remember – standing for a siren is such a goyish way of doing things.

  3. Website doesn’t allow visitors to light a candle. Simply encourages one to click their mouse once, which pretty much does nothing for those that perished. Light a real candle!