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Rav Lior: Israel Must Exercise Sovereignty Over Har Habayis

hhaSpeaking to Kol Chai Radio on Tuesday morning 8 Sivan, HaGaon HaRav Dov Lior Shlita spoke of the absolute requirement of the Government of Israel to exercise sovereignty over Har Habayis. The rav explained that Israel is the only place in the world in which a government prohibits Jewish tefilos in an area. He explained this reality is astoundingly painful and unacceptable, and the government must exercise its control over the holy site.

Rav Lior does not agree with the psak of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Gedolei Torah Shlita and ZT”L, as he remains an outspoken voice encouraging Jews to visit Har Habayis in a halachically acceptable fashion.

The rav warns that failure to exercise Israeli control over the holy site will carry Heavenly ramifications for permitting the current situation to continue.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Azoy…both of the Chief Rabbonim of EY and all the gadolei hador (including Rav Elyashiv and Rav Yosef, ZTL) are wrong and this one publicity seeking Rav is right….I don’t think so. Lior wants to trigger bloodshed on har habayis to advance a political agenda. Hopefully, he will be ignored as he has for the past decade.

  2. #1: Sometimes it’s worth keeping your fingers off the keyboard.

    That there are differing opinions – particularly in the non-chareidi tzibur – is not a chiddush, and he is not remotely a “publicity seeking Rav” with “a political agenda”.

    B”H, the psak generally followed has been that of Gedolim past and present, but if you think motzi shem-ra and other lashon hara-associated mitzvos don’t apply to you online, you are severely mistaken.

  3. Gadolhadorah,

    Rav Lior is a Religious Zionist, not Charedi. Why would he accept the authority of the Charedi Chief Rabbis or the Charedi gedolim? There are plenty of RZ rabbis of great stature who support a Jewish presence on the Har Habayit and he is entitled to rely on them.

    And you owe him an apology for accusing him of seeking to shed blood.

  4. Gadolhadorah – I find your comment offensive. Rav Lior is known as a talmid chacham and it’s totally inappropriate and flat out wrong to claim he’s giving a psak just to “seek publicity” I personally go by gedolim who hold not to go up to har habayit, but that doesn’t mean I disregard the right of other talmidei chachamim to disagree if they honestly feel the halacha is different. You can say his psak is wrong but to say he gave it just out of desire for fame is a disgusting way to speak of a big rav.

  5. Rav Lior is a gadol in his own right and his opinion is no more political than those of the chief rabbinate!

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