Elad: A Woman Announces That A Dibuk Is Inside Her


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dibCorrespondent Yehuda Schlesinger reports in Yisrael Hayom that a woman in Elad claims she is possessed by the Dibuk. The Yabia Omer Beis Medrash in Elad over recent days has attracted many residents who wish to get a glimpse at the woman inside, claiming she is possessed.

According to the report, the beis medrash has difficulty getting a minyan on a regular day but in recent days there have been dozens appearing for shachris amid reports the woman is inside the shul, where they are trying to get the Dibuk to leave her.

The story began six weeks ago when a Holon resident turned to a number of notable rabbonim explaining she is possessed. According to one of the mekubalim involved, the dibuk entered via her mouth. The woman and her husband were sent to the rav by an avreich whom they know.

On Tuesday 22 Sivan and the previous Tuesday the woman and her husband arrived at the beis medrash for a special tefilla that included blowing shofaros and reading the names of Malachim. This special minyan was led a rav, with Schlesinger explaining those present explained “It is difficult to see a woman sitting in the middle and a man’s voice emanating from her”.

He adds the rav spoke with the dibuk and he now knows who the dibuk is, citing a person who murdered someone seventy years ago and he is now seeking mechila. One person quoted who believes this is legitimate adds “She knows the identity of the niftar and now speaks in his voice. One cannot make light of this. We tried getting the dibuk out for some time, threatening to send him to Gehenom”.

It is further explained an effort was made to remove the dibuk via a toe, which then swelled and then it was seen rising to the throat as the body swelled like a balloon compelling the body to move. The rabbonim have turned to unnamed mekubalim seeking assistance in the matter.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Now why would YWN report this trash? We’ve seen this freak show before. It has always turned out to be a fraud. The story of the “dibbuk” that the Chofetz Chaim ZT”L was involved with, WAS THE LAST!

  2. there is no one solution for debukim.

    first you need to appease the soul and tell him you will try to make sure he enters gan eden.
    not threaten him that he will go to hell.

    2.) you need to gather 10 people to go to his grave and say kaddish 3 times a day by his grave site.

    3.) You need people to start learning mishnayot threw out the day for his soul.

    4.) You cant force him out. You need to make make a condition that if you do such things he will leave the body.

  3. i forgot to mention you need to bring family members of this person who got killed and they need to forgive him 3 times a day till he leaves

  4. Who’s craziest? A) the woman B) the rabbis chasing the imaginary dibbuk C) anyone wasting his time publishing this nonsense D) anyone wasting his time reading this E) the jerk who posts about how crazy this story is

  5. When Rav Elchanon, z”l went to remove a dibbuk he was in trepidation and relied on the Kedusha of the holy Chofetz Chaim who sent him. It is known that the Dibbuk started telling everybody in the room what aveirot they were transgressing.

    Here, the Beis Medrash is filled with bachurim that are probably there for the excitement. If it was a real dibbuk it would start shaming the bachurim left and right.

    I don’t believe this is real, rather just another case of a mentally disturbed woman like all the previous cases. Time will tell.

  6. This is ridiculous. This woman is obviously mentally ill and needs medical attention immediately. Instead, people are wasting their time with this witchcraft voodoo which has NO biblical basis or source. This is very saddening and embarrassing.

  7. After much research, I personally found out that the Talmide Chachamim of that city personally asked her a few questions and the result came back negative. She contradicted what Rabbenu Ha’Ar”I wrote straight up in his writings. For example what side are the Malachei Chabalah standing? Or how many are sitting in the Bes Din Shel Ma’alah. And she did not answer properly.

    But, I remember in 1999 there was an incident. The lady went out publicly and denied the fact that there was a dibuk. But, I personally heard from Rav Kaduri alongside with Rav Eliyashiv with many other Gedoilim that their really was a Dibuk and the embarrassment was too much so just would rather deny it on public television than for people to know.