WATCH: 400 Slots For ‘Section 8’ Open In Monticello NY – HUNDREDS Arrive And Wait All Night



  1. Why is this insensitive? Do you see faces? I don’t. Oh, is it insensitive to the crooked way of life for so many of us? If one truly needs the help, kol hakavod, but we all know this is abused in a HUGE way.

  2. Nothing wrong, and everything right, with people who qualify for benefits to accept and apply for them. Many Jews pay taxes. Many Jews are rich and pay lots of taxes. Nothing wrong, and everything absolutely right, with Jews who are not wealthy with accepting government benefits that rich Jews and middle class Jewish taxpayers are funding with their taxes. Benefits are not only for non-Jews. And these Jews qualify. G-d bless them all.

  3. there’s nothing wrong with accepting gov. help, but where are these yidden coming from? Are they vishnitzer from Gibbers, Kiamesha? If so, they truly need the help. Parnasa is weak there.

  4. A message from the working jews: In our eyes you are looked upon as being in the same class as some of the non-yehudim that were standing right there next to you.

  5. Perhaps you should contact Rachel Dolezal on how to become “transracial” and I’m willing to wager that KJ and new square communities will become the biggest most densely populated up and coming African american communities, this way you can have al sharpton help you get whatever you need annexed.

    at the ‘Breaking Photos’ post – I can clearly see people standing in the rain with open seforim!

    Self Hating Jews

    Creating a Chillul Hashem

    All our ‘loving’ goyish friends are getting fed such excellent stuff here on YWN… Mamish tremendous zechusim

  7. If these fellows were dressed in work clothes and were covered with sweat and dirt from a day’s work and still needed sec 8 housing I could understand. But what is going on here is disgusting. I would only hope that the law can be changed.