Federal Judge Denies Motion To Dismiss Voting Rights Case In Bloomingburg, Sullivan County


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bloomingburg #2Judge Katherine B. Forrest on Tuesday denied Sullivan County’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, Smilowitz vs. Sullivan County Board of Elections. The case chronicles systematic and ongoing violations of the voting rights of Hasidic Jews living in Bloomingburg, NY. The judge fully rejected all the claims and defenses put forward by Sullivan County in its motion and is allowing the case to proceed. Furthermore, the judge rejected any immunity from the suit for the commissioners of the Board of Elections, Rodney Gaebel and Ann Prusinski.

Steven Engel- attorney for the plaintiffs said:

“We’re pleased that the Court sustained our voting rights claims against Sullivan County. The Constitution does not permit the County to deprive Hasidic Jews of the right to vote.”

(YWN Sullivan County Newsroom)


  1. A victory for the Jews against the local redneck anti-semites who attempted to disenfranchise the Jews and attempt to deny Jews the right to vote.