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New Organization Intends to Provide Religious Services in Cooperation with the Chief Rabbinate

icrA new rabbinical organization calling itself “B’Noam” has been formed, headed by Rabbi Yisrael Rani, a well-known dati leumi maggid shiur in daf yomi Yerushalmi.

According to reports, the organization has been established as an extension of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. The organization offers religious services, permitting any citizen to contact a rabbi in his/her own area for a psak halacha, to assist with a chasenah, a bris, or other services that one may require. All rabbonim providing services are recognized by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, the organization’s advert claims. The organization insists it is not competing with Tzohar Rabbonim, and it is not trying to replace the Chief Rabbinate but it is working to assist citizens in navigating the Chief Rabbinate bureaucracy.

In the first stage of operation the organizers hope to get 1,000 rabbonim nationwide to perform chupahs via the Chief Rabbinate, give shiurim and prepare a chosson and kallah for weddings in line with Chief Rabbinate standards. The organization will also host assemblies and work to assist in validating one’s Jewishness when required to do so. Organization leaders insist B’Noam will not take positions on public matters, but rather it views itself operating as an extended arm of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, providing religious services with a smile in line with centrist halacha and without making changes to the status quo. The organization insists it is in no way seeking to weaken or diminish the status of the Chief Rabbinate, but rather to strengthen the citizens and the attitude regarding religious services vis-à-vis those who are unfamiliar.

The organization explains it will accept all rabbonim who remain committed to strengthening ahavas torah and the position of the Chief Rabbinate, and organizers are stressing “The organization is not exclusively aligned with the dati leumi community”.

A similar project was attempted in the past, albeit without success, called The Young Chief Rabbinate, headed by Rabbi Chaggai London.

It is pointed out the heads of the organization will be the Chief Rabbis of Israel and Rabbi Rani will run the operation. It is stressed there will be no hierarchy and no committees, simply an organization of rabbonim adhering to halacha to assist the Chief Rabbinate and citizens of Israel.

It is pointed out that someone wishing to make a chanukas habayis can check Google but will not find a solution and B’Noam hopes to be that solution in the future, without charging for services. It is added services will be comprehensive, and in addition to items listed earlier will be shiurim, affixing a mezuzah, taking part in a levaya, making minyan for a yahrzeit and much more.

The founding kenos organizers hope will take place shortly after Tisha B’Av.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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