Cedarhurst: Man Tries Luring 5-Year-Old Girl Into Car – Police Increase Patrols In Area


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ncpd.jpgThe Nassau County Police Department is looking for a man driving in a Black Infiniti who tried to lure a 5-year-old girl into his car Thursday on Marlborough Rd in Cedarhurst.

The police have increased their frequency of patrols in the area and will continue doing so until this man is behind bars.

The Fourth Precinct strongly encourages all residents to report any suspicious activity or information that would help identify this suspect by calling 911.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. If you see him take him and discard of this piece of vermin. Jail is too good for him. I grew up in a blue collar working class neighborhood. This was when men worked and women stayed home. One summer day all of us neighborhood kids were told by our mothers to stay away from a certain house and a certain man who lived there. It seems that a sexual deviant moved in and was doing inappropriate things. I remember hearing , “wait til your father’s come home”. The fathers came home. These men were factory workers, and construction workers. Strong brawny men who protected their families as well as most being WW2 veterans. I clearly remember watching these MEN walk down the street to the deviant’s home. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if they beat him up, killed him or scared him away. All I know is that we never saw this evil person again.