Elad Deputy Mayor Krisfel: Close Down Both Seminaries


csgFollowing the report that over 100 girls from Elad are not permitted to register in the city’s high schools, referring to Zluznik and Ladaas Chachma, Deputy Mayor Tzuriel Krisfel is calling to shut both schools down.

YWN-ISRAEL reported that chareidi girls going from 8th to 9th grade, entering a new school, are barred from both schools due to new regulations which does not permit accepting students whose parents work. The report cites that counted among the 100 girls are Sephardim and Ashkenazim, all barred because the schools have decided not to accept girls from homes with working parents. Krisfel, who is the Shas party leader in the city Krisfel told Kikar Shabbos News “What has to happen for the Ministry of Education to use its authority, also Mayor Yisrael Porush, they must address the matter. There are battle being waged at the expense of the tears of parents and their daughters who have been overcome by this since last week”.

Krisfel feels the schools must add additional classes if that is what it takes to accommodate the girls who have not yet been assigned a slot for ninth grade. He questions the absurd of the new regulation barring the daughters of working parents, asking if this rule applies to the daughters of teachers too for they are also ‘working parents’.

Regarding the efforts by Mayor Porush, Krisfel adds “I think that being mayor is more than headlines and photo ops, but it demands accepting responsibility and working hard, to get one’s hands dirty, and not to stand at the sidelines while these daughters suffer”.

Krisfel explains many parents have telephoned him, the same girls who sat next to the girls who were accepted to the schools. He stresses these are not problematic girls or homes, but quite to the contrary, the girls come from splendid homes.

Krisfel is calling on the Ministry of Education to act immediately, to close both schools to permit open two new schools if this is what it takes. He laments that in Elad “everything is a war”.

The mayor’s office states “turning to the media does not constitute addressing the matter at hand”, adding relevant Ministry of Education officials are already meeting on Wednesday, 13 Menachem Av, to address the situation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Are these all schools receiving government financial support, or independent ones (such as those run by the supporters of the Eidis Hareidis) that do not accept zionist money? Are these problems also found in the anti-zionist schools (i.e. the ones rejecting public financing)?

  2. If this is a privately funded school receiving no funding or buildings from the government. They can do what they want. But if this us tax payers money as we all know it us then those paying the bills shod gave equal access. End of story.

  3. It’s a very sick mentality and nothing to do with Yiddishkeit anywhere in our history, that prohibits working. Even worse, is penalizing children for their parent’s desire to support them.

  4. This is not a new problem. Even in New York there are some Yeshivas that have an extremist policy not to accept any children whose parents are working, except in the field of ‘chinuch’.

    I know of a very fine choshuve family whose son was turned away from a yeshiva (the name starts with a ‘ch’ and rhymes with Neder,) because the father actually works for a living. They said so outright. The same Yeshiva at some later date had the audacity to ask him for a donation. How ironic that none of the parents in the yeshiva have any means to actually support the yeshiva, yet the very same people that the yeshiva turns to for money would not be accepted in that yeshiva.

    It is a sad situation when the yeshivas are bringing up entire generations of children to believe that working is wrong. Not everyone of them will be Kollel material, so basically that leaves only one other activity that these unskilled boys can do that won’t be considered ‘working’… it has something to do with going to about 100 shuls every day, but not actually davening in any of them. Instead you just stick out your hand and disturb anyone else trying to daven…

    Maybe COPE should offer a new career education course, on how to fill out government forms and apply for every type of free money possible.

    Gee, I wonder how the government gets all that money to give out? What is that thing people sometimes talk about called Taxes?

  5. This is the time where rosh yeshivas, rabonim, gedolei hadar get to earn their titles. They need to come down hard on this type of behavior and if they don’t well then don’t ask why our society is the way it is and why children are going off the derech. If you ignore this then you might as well shut down every Kiruv organization out there cuz I can promise you Abrahams, Yitzhak and yackovs kids werent kept out of school cuz their fathers were shepherds.

  6. Yitzyk:

    I’m not so sure its true about that Yeshiva you are refering to. Some of my nephews learn there & my brother in law is a “working” Ben Torah. There must of been some other “issues” involved. As far as finances, the owner of that Yeshiva is a multi millionaire real estate mogul, so don’t worry.