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Arab Child Burned to Death in What Police Suspect Was a Price Tag Attack

2Firebombs were hurled at a home in the PA (Palestinian Authority) village of Duma in the Shechem district of Shomron. The parents of a 12-month-old baby boy tried to save the infant and his brother, 4. They were transported to a hospital in serious condition. The infant died, burned to death. Police suspect “settlers” threw the incendiary devices in an apparent ‘price tag’ attack. Graffiti “Yechi HaMelech HaMoshiach” and “Revenge” was found at the scene along with a Magen David painted on the wall.

A 12-month-old Arab baby was killed during the night as a result of an arson attack that set two home in Kfar Duma ablaze. A large police and IDF force arrived on the scene. Authorities are operating on the premise the deadly attack was another so-called price tag attack, this time with deadly consequences as an infant was burned to death. The parents and another child, four, were seriously injured in the fire as they suffered serious burns all over their bodies. IDF Civil Administration officials operated on the scene in an effort to assist with the evacuation of the wounded. The wounded are the father, Saad, the mother Riham and the four-year-old, Ahmed.


According to the report released by the PA Maan News Agency, three homes were totally destroyed as a result of the fire that was started by throwing firebombs. The report quotes witness 23-year-old Muslam Dwashah who is quoted saying “I saw four settlers that fled the area. Village residents tried to run after them but they could not catch them. They fled in the direction of Maale Ephraim”. Muslam explained the father did manage to save on of his sons from the blaze but he was unable to get the baby out. Residents who also claimed to have seen the attack claim they too saw settlers fleeing the area, adding they were masked to cover their faces.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. My heart is broken that Jews can stoop so low. Please brothers and sisters, I do not want to see any comments justifying this horrible aveira and chillul Hashem beyond imaginable. This is terrible!! Our Avos are crying about this sad situation our people are in right now.

  2. Yes, “they too saw settlers fleeing the area, adding they were masked to cover their faces.” Well, if their faces were covered how do they know they were settlers? This is probably another Arab made attack impersonating “settlers”. The PA “news” agency is probably trying to color the investigation by promoting false claims. Nothing new, they alter history too.

  3. liars and disgusting animals … I am so sure that they saw “settlers” running away… ALL of them saw.
    Now is a good excuse to start something again… The are mere puppets

  4. There is no heter to murder Arab civilians. But read the graffiti carefully. Would a Jew spell the word for revenge (nekama) with nekudos so that it has only two syllables? Is it not possible that this heinous act was committed by Arabs against their own people?

  5. Is this the same as that gay arab kid that was “allegedly” killed by Jews last year? Will the police “ensure” a “confession” from some unbalanced scapegoat?

  6. If Jews did this, it is not only pitiful but also a sign of how far some are from derech hayashar. Those comments applauding the gruesome death of a little baby show the same thing.
    Those arabs who approve of attacking Jewish civilians are now seeing it’s a very dangerous game (it’s not a game at all); hate, violence & barbarity breed – hate, violence & barbarity.

  7. #11 if we only listened to Rav Kahane ZTL HYD this wouldn’t happen. You know why? because their wouldn’t be Arabs on our land.

  8. #6 – FrumNotCrum: THOSE AREN’T NEKUDOS!!! Thats an underline!!

    #7 – 620: Do you car to explain what you mean by “handwriting doesn’t look Jewish”?

    If this was settlers, which it seems to be, I really hope they pay for their crimes in the strongest way possible! Saying that its payback is a lame excuse. The Arabs are animals, Jews are not. By doing this the perpatrators show the world that theyare no better than the low-life arab scum!

  9. The graffiti says nakmah (patach, patach), not nekamah, with a shva and then a patach.
    Which Israeli would misspell nekudos to read incorrectly?!?!
    Doesn’t make sense.

  10. Agree with dkbmd – the word “nekama” is simply underlined; there’s just a little space so as not to interfere with the kuf.

    So heartsick that Jews would do something like this.

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