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Parents of Stabbing Victim Shira Banki: We Have Nothing Against Chareidim

schlThousands took part in the levaya of 16-year-old Shira Banki, in Kibbutz Nachshon near Latrun, who was murdered at the Toeiva Parade in Yerushalayim by Yishai Schlisel.

Being that Schlisel has a chareidi appearance, there has been a growing anti-chareidi sentiment in Israel since the attack, which left five others injured, one of whom remains hospitalized.

The parents of Shira, Ori and Mika were maspid their daughter, using the opportunity to state that have no problem with the chareidi community. “We want to say that we have no argument with people with kippot or beards and we are aware just how many tefilos were recited in private for her recovery…Our fight is about the lack of tolerance, the hate and the sanctification of one’s cause at the expense and pain of others”.

The parents continued “A needless death of a young girl innocent and of evil intentions and full of good deeds. Death directs our deep grief and sorrow and hundreds of others like a sea, without purpose and without benefit. As we have said many times in recent days. We are very private people. The media hype surrounding our child’s murder surprised us, though in retrospect it is understandable and certainly appropriate. This does not east our pain but if such a murder passed without a prolonged storm, the despair that we live with would have become unbearable”.

They concluded “Now we will go some and begin to build our family anew. We will learn to live with five children instead of six. We will try to hate less and to love more and this is what to suggest to all of you”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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