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schumNew York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, is breaking with President Barack Obama and will oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

Schumer made the announcement late Thursday night. The move is a blow to the Obama administration, which has lobbied hard for the international accord ahead of a vote next month.

Schumer says in a statement that there is a real risk that Iran will not moderate and will use the pact to pursue its nefarious goals.

Schumer is widely expected to become the next Democratic leader after Sen. Harry Reid retires, and his split with Obama is remarkable for a senior leader. But Schumer, who is Jewish, also is a strong supporter of Israel and represents a state with a significant population of Jewish voters.


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  1. That’s a good thing: a very good thing! Hopefully he will also side with right – as in correct – when it comes to all other serious issues! He still a strong voice in support of quite many issues which are נגד התורה.
    But not to diminish this good action: thank you Mr. Schumer.

  2. This was a calculated move by Schumer to protect his job. He made sure Obama had enough Democratic votes to override the veto, now he can prove to his Jewish Constituents that he cares about Israel and he will be Re elected. Plain old Politician he is

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