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Terrorist Who Tried to Murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick Out of Prison on the Hunger Strike Card

glickHar Habayis activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick was targeted in an attempted assassination about ten months ago as he existed the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Yerushalayim. He now explains that the terrorist responsible for trying to murder him was released from prison after launching a hunger strike. He adds that on the day of his release, without embarrassment, the terrorist announced “I will continue being a thorn to the Zionists in Jerusalem”.

Glick tells HaKol HaYehudi News “I am certain that most of the Israeli public is not interested in the well-being of this person if not for the fact the media spoon fed the information [pertaining to his hunger strike”. He adds the media played a role advocating on behalf of the terrorist, citing that Muhmad Alaan was also recently released from prison after his hunger strike. Rabbi Glick points out that in the case of Alaan too, the public would not have been interested in his plight or hunger strike if not for the media.

“I was on a hunger strike for Har Habayis for 53 days” Glick explains, pointing out in his case there was no media interest whatsoever.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Hopefully, with a target painted on his back, Glick will avoid provocative acts related to har habayis and stop trying to incite bloodshed in the name of his mindless messianic fantasy. If he puts the security forces at risk as he has in the past, than he deserves the likely outcome of his actions.

  2. What people like Glick need to realize is, that, although HKB’H gave us back EY B’neis, this is just the beginning of a process of Geula, which is not yet complete. We are still in Galus even if we “have” EY, we still have to tread carefully and not do things to unnecessarily antagonize the Yishmaelim – especially things that are questionable at best regarding Halacha. When the time is right, everything will fall into place. Until then, let’s be careful.

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