Holocaust Survivors Join Elected Officials to Oppose Iran Deal; Express Concerns about Dangerous Deal in Front of Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s Office


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11Several Holocaust survivors joined New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, New York State Senator Simcha Felder, and New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. The group of survivors chose to voice their concerns in front of Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s office, who represents the largest number of Holocaust survivors in the United States, and who announced support for the Iran deal last week.

Speakers included Shirley Feinbuch, who survived Auschwitz, and Jack Ratz, who survived the Gottendorf death camp. The survivors spoke about their experiences of going through “hell,” connecting it to Iran’s repeated threats to annihilate the United States and Israel and the regime’s rampant Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism, and how they hoped the administration would not make the same mistakes. Their message was particularly relevant in light of remarks this week by an Iranian official who said that the Iran deal would not lead the regime to moderate its stance on Israel’s existence and that “Israel should be annihilated.”

The group voiced disappointment and outrage at their representative in Congress, Nadler, for his support of the deal, but hoped Nadler would change his mind. In addition to the speakers, Holocaust survivors at the event included Rose Friedman (Auschwitz survivor), Breiny Ginhorn (Auschwitz survivor), Ruth Solomon (Auschwitz survivor), Lenke Keller (Auschwitz survivor), and Leibish Daskal (Budapest forest).

Added Hikind, “The proposed deal with Iran is a serious predicament for the Jewish people. Holocaust survivors in particular know all too well the tyranny of dictators. Given their experiences in life, they are here to speak out about how concerned they are about this horrible deal. When someone publicly calls for destruction and death to Jews, you take them seriously. Leaders of Iran have repeatedly sworn to annihilate Israel and they even sponsor official state conferences denying the Holocaust.”

Hamilton stated, “Iran Nuclear Deal supporters focus on the early years. Well, what happens when Iran receives generous upfront sanctions relief? When tens of billions of dollars go to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah or to groups who have plotted attacks in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Jerusalem, and Washington DC? And further down the line, this deal allows restrictions to phase out over time. I stand with my community in demanding a better deal: prevent sponsorship of terror, stop Iran menacing us and our allies, and don’t rely on trusting words from Iran to assure our security.”

Hikind and Hamilton will join NYC Councilman David G. Greenfield later in the evening at a rally urging their colleagues in Congress to oppose the deal with Iran. The rally will take place at 6 PM at the Jewish Children’s Museum at 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. New York Representatives Yvette Clarke, Hakeem Jeffries, Nydia Velazquez, and Carolyn Maloney have yet to make a decision regarding the Iran deal. Recent polling indicates that a growing majority of Americans oppose the Iran deal. According to a CNN/ORC poll released on August 20, “56% of Americans now say they think Congress should reject the deal with Iran — up from 52% less than a month ago.”

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  1. Interesting.
    But yet when the honorable Mike Huckabee made a comment referencing the Iran deal with the leading to the doors of the ovens, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz/Hillary/Obama/left wing anti Israel media, were suddenly all self righteous and concerned for the survivors. What hypocrisy coming out of the radical left.

  2. Only we Jews have the power to vote out and political person that is Jewish and vote with the Obama Jew hater to vote them out of office it is time we are not told for whom to vote we have to vote for what is good for us not for the so called asken That makes money win or loss a true asken dose not take money or make business deals for the selfs not for us normal people

  3. We need to email , fax and call our Senators (Note: Some offices do NOT screen if you are from their district if you call!!) Especially the quite a few JEWISH Democratic senators. Senators Feinstein, Boxer of CA, Sanders of VT, Schatz of HI, Levin of MI and Wyden of OR – How can you say you will support the Iran Deal! Would you sign your name actively on a deal signing off over $110 Billion straight to IRAN who will use those funds to send Missiles to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah and funds to increase tunnels into Israel! Arming the murderous terrorists surrounding Israel?! And then allowing Iran to become a Nuclear state in 10-15 years (if they don’t cheat earlier) to do what they openly keep saying they want to do! Are you like Jews thaty Assist Nazis in killing Jews?! When you CAN be like Esther Defending millions of your people (in this post Holocaust age) And Senator CARDEN (MD) and BLUMENTHAL (CT) And BENNET (CO) – What are You WAITING FOR?!? Is there a question if you should actively arm murderous terrorists that fire missiles and dig attack tunnels into Israel or vote No?!?

  4. History repeats.We have another Holocaust orchestrated against the jews.lead by the evil,devil, satanic,snake
    Muslim Brotherhood member vicious sadist Israel hater
    Obama who would make Joseph Goebels very proud.
    He claims the jews who oppose the deal have dual Royalty,
    and the jewish money trying to destroy the USA.
    Israel has no choice but attack Iran if it does not want
    be nuked.Khameni declared that Iran got 80 million people
    if if he loses 70 million people but destroyed Israel
    he won.Obama put these people in charge for self inspection,
    These agreement is a horror show,Dershowitz who voted for Obama twice said that He would not allow Kerry no negotiate for him a 30 day lease.
    North Korea provides Iran with Ballistic Missile Technology In 10 years Iran can nuke any US City.
    During the Holocaust the reform leaders demanded from the
    State Department that no jews be allowed to the USA.See State Department archives
    They wanted the jews to be burned in Aushwitz.
    The jewish politician who back this deal want 6.5 million
    jews killed by Iran.They are enemy of the jewish people like Sheik Yassin,Hetzbollah, Hamas and Khameni.