Deri on the Opening of Yes Planet on Shabbos


yesThe Moetzas Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisrael is set to convene on Thursday, 12 Elul and the Eida Chareidis has been protesting following the opening of Yes Planet on Shabbos. Surprising some, Economy Minister (Shas) Aryeh Deri announced on Wednesday that he does not see the opening of Yes Planet as a violation of the religious status quo.

During a briefing with reporters, Deri was asked to comment on the opening of the entertainment center on Shabbos. “This is a small problem. The opening of the theater is not a violation of the status quo. Some feel that Deri’s ‘moderate’ tone with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat regarding chilul Shabbos in the capital undermines the efforts of Yahadut Hatorah.

Yahadut Hatorah on the national and local level is working aggressively against what it perceives to be spreading chilul Shabbos in the capital while Shas appears to be taking a back seat to those efforts.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Barkat was once Labor,then he was friendly to lapid,now he shifted to Likud

    At best, he’s a convenient technocrat who happens to shift to whatever party is gaining

    Much of the blame lies on his charedi-in-name-only buddies

    Re: the parades; more chillul shabbos [one of the first acts he did as mayor];first delaying and then pushing a more ‘liberal’ chief rabbi

  2. How Barkat’s anti- religious
    ‘charedi’ advisors “who have done more damage than all the others ” to quote MK Moshe Gafne ,led one with the name of Kroizer go to shul on Rosh hashana is beyond me