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Some Criticism Against PM Netanyahu for Dining in Treif Restaurant in Italy

bibnSome of the chareidi media is once again up in arms after learning that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu dined in a treif restaurant during their recent official visit to that county.

The prime minister, as in the past, explained that while he does not maintain an Orthodox lifestyle, he does keep kosher and he explained during this brief meeting he only ate salad, nothing else. It is explained that when a national leader has to meet with someone in a restaurant, not any place is acceptable for security reasons and this venue was selected by Italian Secret Service and approved by the prime minister’s ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) bodyguards.

Aides to the prime minister add that those who know the Netanyahu family personally are aware Mr. Netanyahu and his wife keep kosher as does their son Avner.

Persons close to the prime minister commenting on the story appear to confirm Mr. Netanyahu was compelled to attend the meeting in the venue selected for security reasons.

Despite an effort by some chareidi media to create a situation over Mr. Netanyahu’s meeting, most of the religious and chareidi media seems uninterested in the story and willing to accept the plausible explanations given. Chareidi elected officials this time around prefer to remain silent on the matter.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. BIBI is explaining his choice of SALAD in a security-checked venue. PERHAPS the CHAREDI news reports should check it out & report accurately.

  2. First Publish: 10/4/2014

    “I have never eaten non-kosher food,” Prime Minister Binyanin Netanyahu told Channel 2 television in an interview recorded before Yom Kippur. He was hinting that while he has sat in restaurants that serve treif (non-kosher) food, he never ate the food himself. Netanyahu insisted that he never eats treif food, and that this is true for himself as a private individual, and not just in his official function. “I have kashrut supervisors at my side in this matter,” he said, apparently hinting at his wife, Sarah. Israeli hareidi and religious websites were seething Sunday, after it was reported that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had dined at a non-kosher restaurant on Shabbat, in a dinner-date with casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. But the sites were absolutely livid Thursday when it was revealed that after dining on “treif” delicacies for lunch at Fresco by Scotto, a non-kosher Manhattan Italian restaurant, Netanyahu went for some “surf and turf” – this time at a well-known Manhattan lobster and crab joint, Chart House.

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