Sky News Reports On How Palestinian Man Saved Lives Of 5 American Yeshiva Bochrim From Near Lynching In Hebron



The following is via Sky News:

Five American students who took a wrong turn near the West Bank city of Hebron had to picked up by the Israeli military after their car was firebombed.

The ultra-Orthodox seminary students were on their way to pray at a holy site when they accidentally entered a Palestinian neighbourhood.

The students jumped out of their car when it was pelted with stones and then set alight.

But luckily for the group, a Palestinian man came to their rescue.

He took them into his home and alerted Israeli authorities to help get them out of the area.

Fayez Abu Hamdia told Ynet he was “not a hero” after the group spent around 40 minutes with his family.

“I did what needed to be done,” he said.

“As soon as we saw that a riot was starting outside, my family and I managed to bring them inside and we quickly closed the doors.

“We gave them water to drink and tried to tell them that they were safe, but they didn’t speak Arabic.

“That’s how everyone should behave. We have no problems with the Israelis and we don’t want to have any.”





  1. I, as another Frum Yid(in America), would really love to send a huge heartfelt thank you note to this Arab who saved these boys. Is there any way of finding out an address for these people.

    Do we realize, these bochurim would’ve been TORN apart quite literally if not for this human being?!

  2. Fayez Abu Hamdia told Ynet he was “not a hero” after the group spent around 40 minutes with his family.

    Incorrect. This man and his family ARE hero’s! They risked their own lives to save these Bachurim. If the Israeli “intelligence” had any brains, they should reward and protect this family. He could potentially be used in the future to save others.

  3. Yes, is there any way we can contact this wonderful Palastinian man? He should know that the yidden in America acknowledge and thank him. I love how the Israeli news reporter speaks English better than the American bochur!

  4. So sad that the soldiers had to tell them TWICE to thank the Arab who saved them.

    And so sad that in the interviews afterward, they don’t express gratitude, neither to the Arab nor the soldiers.

  5. So glad these boys made it out okay.

    I had a similar story 20 years ago. We made a wrong turn and the arabs stoned our car. We were saved by one Palestinian who ran to call soldiers who got us out of there. Our car wasn’t burned and B’H we only had cuts and bruises from the broken glass in the car. Who knows what would have happened if not for that one nice guy and the soldiers coming in time.

    When we met the settlers in Chevron afterwords they said that kind of stuff happened all the time but no one knows about it unless someone gets seriously hurt or killed. It’s a different world today with the internet and phones.

    It’s important to know that not every Palestinian wants bad things to happen to Jews and there are nice people even in the West Bank.

    Chasdei Hashem!

  6. You can’t judge based on a partial video of an interview. They may have thanked them later in the interview. And they may have been in a state of shock and not remember to thank them at that moment.

  7. Hi my 5 brothers. I am so happy and thankful to H’ for having sent you a good Arab and Dozens of IDF soldiers. May H’ bless the Soldiers and that Arab. But now, please don’t forget to go back home and tell your Family and Friends to stop that stupid Chasidish campaign against Israel and the IDF. Instead daven for them, have hakaras hatov, and include the Tefila for Chayalei Israel when opening the hechal right after Berich Sheme.

  8. I understand that they didn’t say thank you right away. However we should try to judge them favorably that they were under trauma therefore their brain wasn’t working properly.

  9. Hey, #9, cut the kids some slack. They were probably completely freaked out and hadn’t even had the time or space to really assimilate what happened to them.

    They were probably also totally freaked out at being inside an Arab’s home, they might have been terrified that the Arabs would come back for them, too. It’s not like the interviews happened a week after the incident, after everything had really had a chance to sink in.

    That said, yes, I agree, is there any way we can contact this man to thank him? He saved these kids’ lives and there’s no way we can ever repay him, but at least we can show our gratitude.

  10. Wow! This Arab is one brave fellow for taking these boys into his home. He was putting himself in grave danger considering that all his “friendly” neighbors would probably like to see him dead. Now for the first time I can understand what it must have felt like for Lot when he kept the malachim safe in his home. They were all trying to get him out so they could torture him and his guests.

  11. Shlomo 2,

    The sad part is that you cannot judge someone favorably even in the most trying times. Do you have any idea what was going through these boys minds? You realize they were possibly in a complete panic, not knowing if they’d live another 10 minutes. The soldiers march in all authoritatively and announce to say thank you…. but these kids are scared out of their wits. Secondly, don’t judge from a partial video clip.

    I for one would love to go hug that Arab who saved these boys.

  12. The Arab man deserves unending praise, thanks, and support of the Jewish world. If he who saves one life is considered as one who saved an entire world, how much z’chus does one who saves five lives have?

    Also deserving of praise is the IDF, Israel — and the Jewish People’s — army. I wonder if this incident will cause the multitudes of Hasidic and Haredi Rebbes/Rabonim who rail against Israel and the IDF to wake up and think about the misguidedness of their vitriol. Without the help of the Arab, and the subsequent arrival of IDF soldiers risking their own lives, those five yeshiva bochrim would have died gruesome deaths.

    And the thing is — this was not an isolated incident. Every day, those same soldiers that these Rebbes rail against put their lives on the line to enable yeshiva bochrim and kollel avreichim to learn Torah in Eretz Yisroel, in numbers that have not been seen any time in the history of humanity. Ma’aras ha’machpelah, the kosel, and a million other holy sites are available for Jews to visit and worship because the IDF is there to protect our right to go there. WIthout the State of Israel and its army, we go back to being a wandering, nomadic, homeless people, with limited to no access to Eretz Yisroel, and subject to the abuse of murderous Arab mobs, latter-day nazis, and every other manner of anti-Semite that has killed and persecuted us throughout history.

    Wake up, frum world, and recognize the gadlus and greatness of Medinas Yisroel.