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Family Of Girl Murdered By Schlisel Asks Public To Take Part in Hakomas Matzeivah

schlThe parents and family of Shira Banki a”h, who was murdered by Yishai Schlisel in the Jerusalem Gay Parade, are calling on the general public to take part in the unveiling of her matzeivah.

Using Facebook to get the message out, the family announces “The murder was another record in the lack of tolerance in Israel and the inability or desire to accept different views of individuals.

“The family will gather on Tuesday (24 Elul) at 17:30 in the Kibbutz Nachshon Cemetery for the unveiling followed by a memorial service”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Coloring over cardinal sins with some warm pretense of religiosity or another, will bring destruction upon all of us

    THAT is just about entire Na”ch in a nutshell

    ‘V’lo Saki ha’aretz’

    Chas v’shalom anyone should listen to him.

    So Many ‘Forgotten What it Means to be Jews’

    This man is slyly being spoonfed by ‘massive forces’ precisely what to say to the media , together fully intending as to what will wear away the religious’ long term defenses against what these awful people are promoting

    Unless ,just maybe, he publicly disavows what she stood for.

    For all other aspects of this world , we acknowledge readily how these type of developments massively impact our lives ,while here our ability to bend over in knots in order to keep our heads stuck firmly in the extraordinary

    Eliyahu Hanavi on Har HaCarmel told the the people ”

    If you desire evil, Better to ‘Cut the fluff’ and Be straightforward

    Stop the pious pretenses . Stop playing both sides!

  2. The murder was another record in the lack of tolerance so the antidote is gathering together for the Matzeivo on the 83rd Johrzeit of the Chofetz Chaim, the epitome of tolerance & Ahavas Chinom. –

  3. Please call it Toevah parade.

    Regardless, this is a tricky one. Shira Banki ah was killed in tragic circumstances by a lunatic but we must be careful not to lower standards and not be seen to condone the toevah march just to prove this meshugene was a lone wolf.

  4. #2

    Do you really believe the Chofetz Chaim who declared hundreds of jewish marxists “scions of amalek” would say there’s a “lack of tolerance & Ahavas Chinom. “??

    In 1929, the Chofetz Chaim himself was accused of a “lack of tolerance & Ahavas Chinom. ” during a certain election

    Or would he say like my post?

    #3 Should we also visit Leon Trotsky’s grave in Mexico City??

    Or the jewish girl anarchist who shot Lenin??

    Could you explain a difference

  5. This man is a murderer and has to be treated as such. He broke the Ten Commandments where it says “Thou shalt not murder”. There is no justification for what he did and nothing else matters and his reasons are irrelevant.

    Personally I think he is a mental case and it’s too bad they didn’t give him some treatment during the past ten years he spent in jail for the last stabbing he did and then maybe this poor girl would not have died.

    He also made things worse because now certain government money has been increased to help “gays”. They’re giving this support to show tolerance, which is terrible because this is an abomination and no
    tolerance should be shown whatsoever.

    BTW, if anybody thinks he is a religious zealot, what he did is against religion altogether and even in the time of the Sanhedrin this girl would not have been given the death penalty because lesbians were not included in that penalty and furthermore this girl was not a lesbian and was only parading in support of her terrible friends who are.

    In answer to comment #2, the Chafetz Chaim would never have shown tolerance to this abomination. And even ahavas chinom has it’s limits.

  6. Y do they only demand tolerance for immorality but never for those who want Torah al Tahari hakodesh?(question is rhetorical)

  7. It is Time for Truth: There are things you’re forgetting too. First, is to be a mentch. Don’t justify murder. You are not Hashem.

    This was a 16 year old innocent naive girl. She did NOT commit any Cardinal Sin. All she did was attend a rally to support a friend.

    I doubt any of us condone the lifestyle involved. Aside from the fact that this girl wasn’t living that lifestyle, we can not be judge, jury and executioner.

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