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NYC Won’t Require Consent Form For Metzitzah B’peh

debNew York City’s Board of Health says signed consent forms won’t be required for people who perform Metzitzah B’peh (MBP).

The board voted Wednesday to approve Mayor Bill de Blasio’s information-only plan, resolving a dispute with the community.

The health commissioner says the city has distributed 20,000 printed copies and 22,000 email copies of a new brochure in English and Yiddish.

Health officials have linked 17 cases of infant herpes since 2000 to MBP. Herpes can lead to brain damage or death.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration had instituted the consent rule. Rabbis opposed it.


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  1. There are zero cases of herpes that have been definitely or likely linked to MBP. Some cases are speculation – there were a few possible causes, including MBP, and MBP was not the most likely cause. And some cases are false – the cause was not MBP at all.

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