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Prosecution to Seek Monetary Compensation from Stone-Throwers Who Damage the Jerusalem Light Rail

jlrThe prosecution is becoming a bit more aggressive in cases involving rock-throwing against the Jerusalem light rail, moving ahead with civil suits against rock-throwers, who are being asked to pay NIS 40,000 for a broken window on the light rail. Such acts of terror have become daily occurrences in the capital.

Ynet reports the new step by the prosecutor as the light rail is attacked daily and damage to the train cars is enormous. In addition to the cost of repairs, the damage put cars out of service. The fee mentioned, NIS 40,000, is the amount the state pays CityPass, the light rail operator, for broken windows.

However, while the attackers in many or most cases are minors, the civil suits will only be filed in cases in which the attackers are over 18.

A police spokesman on Wednesday 25 Elul reported that a number of Arab youths were arrested on Tuesday for throwing rocks at cars traveling on the Jerusalem-Maale Adumim Road. Two of the suspects are 12. They were arraigned on Wednesday morning in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court. Justice Yaron Mintkovitz agreed to a police request to hold them for an additional 12 hours to permit police to continue questioning them. Additional arrests are expected.

Israel Police Kedem District Chief of Investigation Moshe Cohen stated “To my sorrow, we encounter a growing involvement of minors in these attacks intended to disrupt our daily lives. We will continue investigating and additional arrests are expected. It is imperative for parents to take responsibility for their children, to prevent the continued deterioration towards these acts of crime”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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