VIDEO: Jew Escapes Murderous Arabs in Jerusalem’s Old City


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This Jewish male was fortunate to get out with his life. This did not occur in Shechem or a PA (Palestinian Authority) autonomous area but in the Old City of Yerushalayim. The young man, who was attacked by dozens of Arabs, was heading home.

The video shows how police distance the Jew, who explains “The Arab terrorists lynched me because they do not want Jews visiting the area of the Beis Hamikdash”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. it is getting really bad now in Eretz HaKodesh when the police are tough on the Jews and ignore the hateful arabs who when they see the Jew getting blamed by the police just act even worse.

  2. the Zionist government isnt better than Obama when they appease the murderous Arabs and arrest and torture Jews. We must daven for a government that is Jewish and not Zionist.

  3. This looks like a staged event for propaganda purposes. The guy was in the Muslim Quarter, with no group, wearing tfillin and with someone filming. I don’t know if he tried to enter Har Habayit by himself through the Muslim Quarter entrance or whether he did something else with the intention of provoking an angry reaction but this is not some innocent guy.

  4. Dear Yagel Libi, You are not speaking from a place of knowledge. The location photographed is right at the end of the arab shuk: just a few meters away from the entrance to the Kosel. This is a very popular shortcut from the Jewish quarter used by thousands (and myself) every day. Let’s not talk about whether this individual was right or wrong. THE POINT IS is that the arabs don’t get lynched when they walk through our shuk, shopping malls. get on our trains and public transportation. So let’s not blame the wrong people here please.