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Thursday: Another Night of Terror in Yerushalayim

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Thursday night the eve of 5 Tishrei was a stormy night accompanied by many acts of Arab terror in Yerushalayim and elsewhere. Despite stern remarks released by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other officials this week, the attacks continued.

In one attack, a bus driver sustained light injuries when his bus was attacked by Arab rock-throwers near the Hizme Checkpoint connecting N. Jerusalem to the Shomron. The driver was transported to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Another bus was attacked in the Maale Zeitim (Ras el-Amud) area. The Arab driver fled the bus. While he was outside the bus it was set ablaze and totally destroyed. Fire department officials report it appears a firebomb was hurled at the bus.

In the Shomron, near Elon Moreh, two firebombs were hurled at Israeli vehicles at Beit Furiq Junction. B’chasdei Hashem no one was killed or injured. Soldiers fired at the attacker’s vehicle, wounding one occupant seriously.

There were many other rock-throwing attacks in Yehuda and Shomron.

Police announced restrictions will be in place on erev Shabbos for Islamic worshipers on Har Habayis. Entry limited to men and women with Israeli ID cards, thereby barring PA (Palestinian Authority) residents. In addition, no males under 40 were permitted on Har Habayis. There were no age restrictions on women. Police also deployed reinforcements on Har Habayis, as well as in and around the Old City.

Photos: Bus burned in Maale Zeitim.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Shlomo Mor)

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  1. Bus was not burned in (or anywhere near) Maale HaZeitim and these photos were taken by the Arab side, so I doubt anyone named Shlomo took them…

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