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Levaya Details for Terror Victim R’ Aaron Benita HYD [UPDATED 11:38 AM IL]

CQazMCIWoAAQn6wFINAL: 11:38: The levaya will begin at 1:30 PM in Shamgar Funeral Home in Jerusalem and kvura will follow in Har HaZeisim in a non-military funeral.

10:58: The note below is reportedly from by Mrs. Adele Benita, the hospitalized widow of R’ Aaron, which states she wants her husband buried at 4:00 PM in Har HaZeisim in a civilian levaya, not military. She stresses the kvura should be held before yomtov even if she is unable to attend.

It remains unclear at this time where and when the levaya will take place.

10:31: The IDF Spokesman reports the levaya will take place at 13:30 in Har Herzl as announced originally.

10:28 IL: It is now reported the family wants the niftar buried in Har HaZeisim in a regular kvura, not a military levaya. It appears this will be the case but no time is announced of yet.

The levaya of IDF Cpl. Aaron Benita HY”D, 21, from Betar Illit, who was murdered in the motzei Shabbos stabbing/Shooting attack in Jerusalem’s Old City,  will take place on Sunday Hoshana Raba at 13:30 in the Har Herzl Military Cemetery.

Aaron was a talmid at Yeshivat Shuvu Banim in Jerusalem’s Old City and served in the IDF’s Shachar program for chareidim. His wife Adele, 22, remains hospitalized after being wounded as well.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)



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  1. Umm – the letter is written by someone identifying herself as Michal Beneta, not Adele Beneta. Are you sure this is the wife that wrote this? I can say that as of now, the plans are still on for a military ceremony – a close relative (currently serving in Netzach Yehuda/Nachal Chareidi with the Niftar’s brother) has been called back from leave to serve in the honor guard.

    Besuros Tovos,

    an Israeli Yid

  2. Well, final developments – the Levaya was at Har HaMenuchos, and was non-military – but with a significant military presence. I was told that there were about 30 soldiers from Netzach there in uniform as a gesture of support to the family.

    May the family have a Nechama.

    an Israeli Yid

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