Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: MDA Must Kill Wounded Terrorists


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mdaMagen David Adom Chief of Operations Eli Bin continues to come under fire for recent statements to the press, explaining that MDA will treat patients by severity of injury, even if this means treating a terrorist before the victims of an attack. There is must outrage over the announced policy, especially in the midst of the current security crisis.

During a weekly shiur given by Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, the rabbi stated MDA must kill wounded terrorists. “Even in prison a murderer should not be permitted to live for too long” he added, explaining “ultimately he will be released in a deal and every moment he is alive is a kitrug. Therefore they must be imprisoned under the ground”.

The rav addressed cases in which he heard police hesitated to fire at a terrorist, seeking to be merciful. He insisted that not only must one fire at the terrorist, but one must empty the gun’s magazine.

He feels that a policeman who kills a terrorist should receive flowers and a monetary prize. The rav states halacha demands killing such a person, even if it means feeding him poisonous food that will kill him. He advises those who fear the law to “find a good attorney and if there are those judges who feel one may not, then change the judges…This is the confusion of those who do not learn Torah”.

The rav added,

“צריך להבין שיותר ממה שהיהודים אוהבים את החיים, הגויים אוהבים את המוות ומאחר שהקדוש ברוך הוא יודע שבני עמו רחמנים בני רחמנים, הוא התיר נקמת דם. יותר מזה: ההלכה אומרת שבשביל מצוות נקמת דם, אפשר אפילו לחלל שבת ולצאת מתחום שבת, אם יודעים איפה נמצא הרוצח. הרוצחים האלה הם השחתת עולם”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Are you kidding do you mean to tell me that anybody who’s reputable will come out and publicly say that and not concern himself with the rest of the world reactions to such a statement

  2. Who am I?
    A simple Bubby.
    But I fully agree with Rav Shmuel Eliyahu. When I saw the piece about Magen David Adom yesterday, my first thought was that it is a maaseh of a chosid shoteh. Remember what happened toShaul Hamelech. Hashem told him to kill out all of Amalek; he had pity on the women and children. He was punished for his blunder by losing the Kingship. Hashem is The Ultimate Baal Harachamim, and no one should attempt to outdo Him.
    May they quickly come to their senses, and avoid tragedy, chas vesholom.

  3. All terrorists, dead, alive or wounded, male and female, should be stripped nude. This is so that we can see that they have no weapons concealed.

    BTW, nothing is worse to an Arab than being naked in public. This will stop all Arab terror if they know ahead of time they will be stripped naked for all to see.

  4. Has this been verified? Rumors, distortions and out right lies are often attributed to Rabbis. My hope is that he did indeed say this and it is the beginning of a new courage in Israel. How long must we suffer the rule of this Judenrat and its Kapos? How long must we tolerate the haters of G-D and His Torah abducting and torturing our children and youth? May it be that the people of Israel will finally be willing to point at our betrayer and call them out as the traitors that they are.

  5. Worry about international reaction?

    The European nations want to finish the Final Solution even today.

    These are Hitler’s children and grandchildren.

    They still hate and want to rid the world of jews.

    Especially Arabs today.