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Justice Minister Shaked Visits the Ayelet HaShachar Shul in Givat Ze’ev

ahJustice Minister Ayelet HaShachar on Monday, 13 Cheshvan, visited the Ayelet HaShachar Shul in Givat Ze’ev. The shul is slated to be razed in line with a ruling handed down from the High Court of Justice.

The senior minister explained her party, Bayit Yehudi, is doing everything possible to prevent the destruction of the shul. She was greeted by the shul’s gabbai and the mayor of Givat Ze’ev, Yossi Avremi. Avremi explained the difficulties faced by the community today, the imminent destruction of the shul and the building freeze that prevents continued construction.

Shaked stated “Givat Ze’ev today numbers 17,000 residents and today I met with some of these wonderful people. We will work for the continued growth and success of the community”.

Shaked is expected to meet with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to discuss saving the shul from being destroyed.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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