Israel Returns the Bodies of Terrorists


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bibIsrael on Shabbos parshas Vayeira returned the bodies of two terrorists. One of the two was responsible for seriously injuring an IDF soldier in Beit Anoun. The second moderately wounded an avreich in Beit Shemesh.

Interestingly, the cabinet decided not to return the bodies of terrorists and once again, the decision was made to do just that, to permit the families to bury them. In fact, an announcement was made that the bodies of seven terrorists from Hebron area were going to be returned but due to the public outcry, this did not take place for the time being.

According to PA (Palestinian Authority) reports, in addition of the two, Israel on Sunday, 19 Cheshvan will return the body of a terrorist who was killed perpetrating an attack at the Kalandia Checkpoint.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Very stupid move your instigating them to keep terrorizing G D forbid they have nothing to lose. When will the israel government learn. Wrap them in pig skin and throw them in the ocean.

  2. The Israeli cabinet, collectively, have unbelievable “goyishe kep”. You have to understand how Muslims bury and mourn their dead, to realize the stupidity of these actions. Muslims set up very public “mourning tents”, which in the past, have often created problems of “law and order”. The “rotzchim” mourn only their own and glorify the death of their victims (our kedoshim). On one hand, the government is expressing the desire to deal harshly with terrorists. On the other, it exhibits a lack of resolve it dealing with the murderers appropriately. Of course, the fact that they are now eliminating terrorists, rather than letting them become useful later in trading for a captive hostage, is a positive step. Still, there would be a clearer sign to “potential” terrorists (who think that they will gain glory in the hereafter),if the police would bury them very quietly at an unpublicized location.

  3. The share evil of the Israeli government is beyond anything we expected!!!

    They help wounded terrorist, they return the dead bodies to the (happy) families, they are just as bad as any country helping and encouraging terrorism to continue doing terror!!!

    Im besided my-self, more so, by the lack of out cry!!!!

  4. As long as all you dedicated Zionists support this retarded warped lying government. Get more and more people to make Aliyah because misery likes company. Let them get their blasted act together before allowing even 1 more nefesh b’nefesh plane to land and put more innocent anglos in harms way!

  5. #6, there is nothing in his statement to indicate he anything against Eretz Yisrael. (Incidentally, the word is “you’re”, not “your”.)

    However, it is clear that he is disgusted with the Zionists who have invaded Eretz Yisrael.

    There is of course, a world of difference between, the holy land and, lihavdil, the heretical Zionists.

  6. #6 he doesn’t sound anti Israel, he sounds more like, anti government, and I totally agree with that. the government is acting very stupidly, instead of putting down a strong hand on those filthy terrorists