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Attack On Upper West Side On Jewish Judaica Store Manager By Man Claiming To Be Muslim

wsjPolice are investigating an assault on the manager of a Jewish bookstore in Manhattan as a hate crime.

Authorities say the 52-year-old victim, who works at the West Side Judaica on the Upper West Side, was attacked by a man who walked in and cursed the Jews Monday afternoon.

The victim said he noticed a man pacing outside, so he exited the store and approached him. The suspect reportedly declared “(Expletive) you Jews. I’ll kill you. I’m a Muslim.”

Police say he then punched the victim multiple times and fled the store on a scooter.

The manager was treated for non life-threatening injuries.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the attack as a possible bias incident.

(Source: WABC)

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  1. Get with the program.

    It’s only a hate crime if a Jew hits a muslim, or a straight refuses to bake gay marriage cakes, or if whites hit blacks, etc.

    Prayers for the store manager. Next time don’t go outside without a can of pepper spray in your hand, which you can buy (if you have a NY drivers license and no criminal record of assault) at:

    Esco Pharmacy 687 9th Ave (at W 47th St.), New York, NY 10036, (212) 246-8169

  2. Any cameras catch this incident ?

    Question — The Moslems are the ones killing & terrorizing.

    Why are Jews attacked ?

    Has there ever been any attacks on Moslems ?

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