Warm Spell Topples Records Across New York


weaHigh temperature records are tumbling across upstate New York as the early winter warmup continues across the region.

Record highs already have been recorded early on X-Mas in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse as temperatures top 60 degrees in each city. Albany’s 58 degrees Thursday morning broke the previous record of 57 set on Dec. 24, 1941.

The National Weather Service says high temperatures in some upstate areas could climb into the 70s by the end of the day. Temperatures will cool off on Friday but forecasters say temperatures will remain well above normal for this time of year.

The weather service has issued a wind advisory for parts of western New York, where gusts of up to 55 mph are forecast.



  1. This is very bad news to the industries that make a profit when we heat our homes. It is also destroying the parnassah of those who make a living out of shoveling snow (and those who clear highways). It could undermine the economy of places such as Florida. And think of the health care industry which makes a fortune treating people for diseases that become common in cold weather.

    But don’t worry, Obama and friends are working hard to make us shiver all winter. Heaven forbid we should have enjoyable weather.