Supreme Court Verdict: Olmert Gets 18 Months; Lupoliansky Will Not be Imprisoned


The defendants in the Holyland real estate case stood before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, 17 Teves as the five-justice panel announced its verdict in the appeal. The defendants appealed to the Supreme Court following their conviction in the case in September 2014 and therefore, they were permitted to remain free pending the outcome of the case today.

It is pointed out that today’s verdict deals exclusively with the Holyland case.
• The court will announce its verdict in the appeal of the Talansky cash envelopes case in a month.
• In the Rishon Tours case, Olmert was acquitted and the prosecution appealed to the Supreme Court.
• Regarding the investment case, Olmert was partially acquitted and the prosecution appealed to the High Court.
• Regarding allegations that Olmert interfered with investigators based on testimony received by Shula Zaken, police recommend filing an indictment against Olmert and it is likely this will occur.

Justices Salim Jubran, Neal Hendel, Uzi Fogelman, Isaac Amit and Tzvi Zilbertal heard the appeal on the Holyland case.

The defendants in the case include former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, former Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky, former Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Eli Simchayof, Uri Sheetrit, Avigdor Kelner, Danny Dankner, Hillel Cheney and Meir Rabin. Their decision appears in a 1,000 page document

These are the sentences that were handed down by the District Court in the original conviction
• Olmert was sentenced to six years imprisonment (He will enter prison on February 18, 2016)
• Lupoliansky was sentenced to six years imprisonment
• Hillel Cheney was sentenced to three years imprisonment
• Kelner was sentenced the three years imprisonment
• Rabin was sentenced to five years imprisonment
• Sheetrit was sentenced to seven years imprisonment
• Simchayof was sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment
• Dankner was sentenced to three years imprisonment

Following is the verdict in the appeal before the Supreme Court:

• Olmert – 18 months imprisonment
• Lupoliansky – 6 months community service
• Cherney – 26 months imprisonment
• Kelner – 24 months imprisonment
• Rabin – 5 years imprisonment
• Sheetrit – 7 years imprisonment
• Simchayof – 18 months imprisonment
• Dankner – 24 months imprisonment

The photo above is former PM Olmert following the announced verdict. Below are photos of some of the other defedants leaving the court following the verdict.











(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Medabrim Tikshoret)


  1. They’re going to prison, and they’re smiling! Israeli prisons must be Club Med, or they’re happy to be receiving “three hots and a cot” for a while on the taxpayers’ dime.