Discrimination Threatens the Budget of a Bnei Brak Girl’s High School


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csgThe Ministry of Education has the Elkayam School in Bnei Brak in its sights as the school reportedly refused to accept a girl due to its discriminatory policy. Ministry Director-General Michal Cohen sent a harshly worded letter to Bnei Brak Mayor Chanoch Zeibert, warning if the girl is not accepted the ministry will halt funding to the school.

It appears the ministry is taking a harsh position as the mayor has already refused earlier requests to intervene towards compelling the school to accept the Sephardi student into the city-run school. The school and the mayor were given a deadline of 29 Teves at 10:00AM to comply after which time the funding for the school will be cut off.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Was the student rejected because she was non-Ashkenazi and in spite of her family being on the level of Yiddishkeit the school expects, or was she rejected because her family in not on the level of Yiddishkeit the school expects and happens to be non-Ashkenazi?

  2. The whole concept of not accepting a child to a school because their family may not be “religious enough ” is a complete farce. The goal of a school should be to turn children into God fearing Jews who love Hashem, other Jews, and the Torah. If a school only looks to get the “top kids” from the “best families,” it is doing so out of greed for money, laziness of the mechanchim, and the personal insecurities of those “frum” people in charge. What kind of example does it set when the school you attend discriminates against other Jews? Would our Avos and Imahos turn people who wanted to become better away because of where they came from? Does Hashem reject Tshuvah from the lowliest of individuals? Schools like this are the antithesis to Hashem’s ratzon, and I’d be darned if I ever encourage my children to marry into a family that supports such evil institutions.

  3. This another blood libel by the Zionist government against the Torah world. The schools only policy is based on the potential students adherence to the schools religious/frum behavior. It has nothing to do with Ashkenaz/Sephardic.

  4. #1 Does every school in NY accept every student??
    For your information: Elkayam is an outstanding Sefardi Only High School that is an example of tznius and learning for all other high schools. They do not discriminate against sefardim because they are sefardi…… They have a lot to be proud of and have become a shining example that the sefardim can make as school as good as any good ashkenazi school. If they didn’t accept a student then its clearly for a reason any other school in any other country wouldve considered….. This is NOT a public school system….. And since it’s not, the school has a choicce and should stand by their derech and criteria of what a studen should be when entering…. It is smart for Elkayam to do that ; since it legitimizes and and puts the level of the school on a level of all the other ashkenazic school; and gives the sefardi good girls a chance of going to their own schools and excel; not as second class citizens.. And no, I wouldn’t either want my daughter to be in a class with a girl that visits her grandmothers house every week with a TV and movies…… Elkayam is a very very frum school; easily compared to the level of Seminar harav Volf. The pple running it are smart pple; I know them personally. They wouldn’t just reject a girl for small reasons…..

  5. #2
    Discrimination is the wrong word here cus this is an ONLY sefardi school….. they accept only sefardim and if they didn’t accept someone then it was clearly for another important reason.

  6. Geula, most restaurants, mikvahs, shuls, minyanim, kosher grocery stores, and simchas you should avoid because more than likely someone who owns the business, patronizes the business, or participates has a TV or a relative with a TV in it. You had a very solid opinion until that one point of the girl with the grandmother’s TV. So many people have grandparents (especially the snow birds in Florida) that have a TV. Absolutely one should visit their grandparents, regardless if they have dozens of seforim or the biggest HDTV around. I will count ALL of them towards a minyan, immersing in our community mikvah, attending my son’s yeshiva, or shopping at my grocery store, etc.

  7. #7
    Nobody is talking about snow birds. This is a community in Bnei Brak and live totally different lives than you describe. TV is actually not so popular among Chareidim in E”Y.