Bnei Brak: Avreich Suspected to Taking Part in Chardakim Campaign Arrested


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Authorities arrived on Admor of Kotsk Street in Bnei Brak on Tuesday morning 2 Shevat to arrest an avreich who is believed to be part of the chardakim campaign, those who oppose chareidim serving in the IDF.

Military police, police and plainclothes detectives took part in the operation, encountering a crowd of avreichim who shouted at them. The situation was uncomfortable for authorities for a brief period but it did not get out of hand.

The avreich was taken into custody, suspected of encouraging attacks against chareidim in uniform and for having a role in the so-called campaign against chareidi soldiers known as chardakim.

A second person was also arrested in Modi’in Illit on the same suspicions. The suspects are affiliated with the Yerushalmi branch, followers of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita. The two allegedly were involved in the printing of the pamphlet against chardakim. They deny any connection to the allegations against them.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Photos: Media Resource Group)


  1. There is a saying in Chazal, “The walls have ears.”. I hope they get released ASAP. I do not believe that they in truth printed that pamphlet. Eretz Yisroel needs a lot of soldiers. They are surrounded by millions of monsters.

  2. Avraham:

    Arguing that Eretz Yisroel NEEDS a lot of soldiers is a red herring. Why? Because the FACT is that Israel has been REDUCING the size of it’s miltary.

    In addition, some 40% of Israelis — not counting Arabs — are granted exemptions by the state. If basketball players, ballerinas, and law students can be spared, why not those who have a deep, conscientious objection to military service?

  3. TORAS Moshe

    We not speaking of exemptions & the validity of not serving. We are speaking of a HATEFUL, Rhetoric, incitement, & dangerous campaign against religious individuals who serve in the IDF. This campaign encourages physical, mental & emotional abuse on soldiers many who received heterim to enlist.

    Who exactly are the chashuva Rabbanim that endorsed & who funded these pamphlets?

    Is the only option available to our frum kehilla to discourage enlistment in IDF is thru motzi Shem rah & incitement — Does that perhaps indicate a chasm in our heilighe chinuch & midos???

  4. This has noting to do with what anyone needs. It’s about a campaign that promotes hatred towards people who chose to serve (usually following the advise of a gadol). This is about chareidi soldiers being attacked and harassed.

  5. If Israel doesn’t need soldiers, why do fathers in their 40’s have to leave their families and jobs to go fight whenever there is a war?

  6. I was not addressing the probity of the actions by chadarkim, I was merely pointing out that Avraham’s argument that “Eretz Yisroel needs a lot of soldiers” is a red herring. Israel grants LOADS of exemptions based on secular values. If the need for soldiers is so great, why not require athletes and law students, for example, to serve?

    Why break an agreement that dates back to the founding of the state that exempts yeshiva students? Is Israel in MORE need of soldiers all of a sudden than it was in say 1967? Is it possible that the chareidi draft law had more to do with getting Yair Lapid into the coalition three years ago than the actual needs of the military? I’m sure I don’t need to remind you all of the Lapid family history of anti-chareidi incitement and hatred.

    Additionally, bklynmom & jdb, you are factually incorrect. The campaign by chadarkim is NOT directed against those chareidim who choose to serve but rather against the RECRUITERS who use deceptive tactics, in a manner not unlike those used by missionaries, to lure the weak and unsuspecting into their cluthches.

    BarryLS1, you ask a very good question. If you doubt the veracity of my statement I suggest you research it yourself. That said, perhaps those “fathers in their 40′s” should be asking their own government the same question.