BREAKING: NYPD Shoot Armed Man On Ave O And E 14 St In Flatbush After Robbing Verizon Store [12:00PM]



An armed robbery in Midwood / Flatbush ended with a suspect shot by the NYPD, Thursday morning.

Sources tell YWN that four armed men robbed the Verizon Store on Kings Highway at gunpoint, and feld on foot. Police were called and responded in seconds. The suspect jumped into a vehicle, and officers gave chase.

The vehicle the suspects were travelling in crashed on Avenue O and East 14th Street, and at which point the suspects bailed on foot. After being ordered to stop, one of the men pointed a gun at the officer, prompting the officer to fire multiple rounds at the suspect.

Three other suspects fled on foot, and at least two of them have been taken into custody. Two guns have been recovered.

There is a heavy search for the additional suspect in the area, and an NYPD chopper was hovering overhead, and police were using search dogs to track the man.

The shot suspect was transported by FDNY to the hospital. His exact condition was not known.


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  1. how can this be, NY has the strichtest gun control laws in the nation only 2nd to California where UMAR MALIK was able to have an arsenal of AK 47 weapons.

  2. Good work 70. Even with Scotto gone, you’re still the best. I assume the guns came from Virginia and had nothing to do with our gun laws.