MDA’s Nationwide Volunteer ‘Life Guardians’ Program Goes Live


mdaMagen David Adom’s new “Life Guardians” program began this week, on Tuesday, 16 Shevat. The new program relies on Israelis nationwide to respond to an emergency in their area until EMS units arrive on the since. The EMS organization explains that anyone with first aid training can become a part of this.

The website explains this is “A special mobile phone application will identify the location of the nearest Community First Responder to the patient in need of assistance and activate him/her immediately, thereby providing speedier response times to a person suffering from potentially life threatening medical problems, such as unconsciousness or cardiac arrest.

“At the same time, additional measures will be taken: the MDA EMT Paramedic Dispatcher will provide medical guidelines over the phone to the caller and an MDA ambulance or Mobile Intensive Care Unit and MDA professional First Responders on Medi-Cycles will be also sent to the scene within 2-5 minutes – to save a life and to reduce the chance of further disability.

“The innovative project, which in Hebrew is called ‘Ne’emaney Haim’ – “Life Guardians,” calls upon all Israelis who have undergone 20 hours of basic CPR and First Aid training to join in and take an active role.

“MDA predicts that within a few months, thousands of Volunteer Community First Responders will be activated as part of this new national, community person to person emergency support and response system.

Anyone interested in being a part of this new initiative is urged to call *6210 on Sunday-Thursday between 07:00-23:00 and on from Fridays from 07:00-14:00. Those approved to join the program will use a smartphone application and will be alerted to medical emergencies in their area.

The following link shows the compatible application for android users.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)