Israel: Chareidi Chosson Files Civil Suit Against His Kallah for Backing Out of the Chasenah And Leaving Him with Bills


chupA chosson filed a civil suit against his former kallah in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court, claiming she called off the wedding days before it was to take place, leaving him with enormous debts and a feeling of profound embarrassment and shame. The defendant denies this, claiming they never held an engagement/vort and the chosson suffers from psychotic and obsessive behavior. The court is expected to announce its ruling in the case in the coming days.

In 2012, the two met via a shidduch and according to the chosson, they decided to get married, were engaged and then days before the big day, she backed out. The chosson, 25, explains invitations were printed and distributed and an apartment rented and furnished to the smallest detail. The kallah was 19 at the time. He adds that he even had a credit card issued in her name. He told the court that he spent over NIS 100,000 and wants his money returned.

The kallah adds that she never agreed to marry him and they were never engaged but that he took advantage of her naiveté and bought her love by buying her things and throwing money around. She also told the court that despite his decision to move ahead and prepare for the chasenah, she told him she was uninterested in marrying him.

And finally, the kallah told the court the chosson’s compulsive behavior was manifested by prohibitions he placed on her including him forbidding her to go to work or use public transportation for fear men will see her beauty and this would lead to something. She accuses the chosson of striking her on the day the so-called planned wedding was canceled and she ran away from him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If there was any doubt that this sicko needs help (beyond the words of his intended “kallah”) the fact that he files such a lawsuit makes it clear he has big problems and should get help. Hopefully, the court will quickly dismiss his lawsuit.