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TONIGHT – Super Sunday ‘LEARNING PROGRAM’ In Flatbush


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  1. Marvelous idea. As much as we seek to be part of something bigger than us, they have nothing big to offer us. Put aside the nivul peh. Put aside the pritzus. Put aside the bitul z’man. They offer us nothing. We are bigger than they are. We are more majestic. We are more important to the world and to HaShem. We just read the Aseres ha’dibros, v’eleh ha’mishpatim, na’aseh v’nishma. What can they possibly offer us?

  2. shuali, I hear where you are coming from. If my capability of learning/davening is 4 hours a day, then what can I do to occupy the rest of my day. To me, football, baseball, the MET art museum, parks mean something to me. Why hide away from Hashem’s beauty, it doesn’t only exist in the Beis Medrash. I’ll think of you when I eat a kosher hotdog after the maariv minyan at the Mets game this summer.

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