Stabbing Attack in Hebron, Near Admat Yishai [UPDATED 8:57AM IL]


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[PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] 08:34: A female terrorist stabbed and wounded an Israeli  a short time ago near Admat Yishai (Tel Rumeida) in Hebron. The victim’s  condition is described as light-to-moderate. More to follow.

08:51: Magen David Adom reports the wounded man is in his 20s and he remains conscious and alert. He was wounded in a hand and shoulder and is enroute to a Jerusalem hospital in a paramedic unit.

A female terrorist has been eliminated.

08:57: The victim in the attack is an IDF soldier, who appears to be in moderate condition.

It is now reported there were two terrorists who attacked the victim with knives. He fought them off and another soldier fired at them, killing them both. The soldier was transported to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.




(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)


  1. This always baffles me. Why do they cover the terrorist? Let the dogs eat his body. Israel has an abundance of vultures, feed them! If a terrorist stabs somebody with obvious intent to cause pain and suffering, do the same. When this pigs will see their role model terrorist crying, begging, for a bullet to stop his agony, it will really be a deterrent. I mean, lets try thinking from this bas….s perspective. He believes in the rewards promised to him for killing infidels. He knows its either he gets killed straight away and gets his rewards or he gets hurt a drop and gets treated prior to his victim (which causes more suffering his enemy). It seems to me that this is deterrent to them. Just lynch the next couple of terrorists and it will be a better deterrence than the politicians threat to take the roof over their head post mortem.