MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi: ISIS Doesn’t Represent Islam


tibArab Block MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi told Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Thursday morning 14 Adar-II that ISIS in no way represents Islam. He added those who perpetrate the type of terror attacks seen this week in Brussels are not Muslims in his mind and he condemns them and what they stand for.

The Arab MK calls on the international Islamic community to combat ISIS to prevent additional attacks against anyone.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So is his party offering to work with the Shein Bet to round up terrorists?

    Note thatg when the socialst zionists wanted to prove they didn’t approve of the violent tactics of the nationalist zionists, they made a point of stabbing them in the back, shooting them, etc.

  2. When there is the killing of innocents in other countries, then they jump to say it doesn’t represent Islam but when Jews are killed in Israel by his own people then it’s justified and praised. What garbage these “people” are…

  3. All good points. But i just dont get the point of the whole statement. If you ask an isis guy he’ll say he does represent Islam. So obviously you both represent your version of Islam.