Chareidi Students in Yesod HaMaale School May Not Return After Pesach


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yThe students of the chareidi Ohelei Torah Elementary School in the Galil community of Yesod HaMaale have been instructed they will not be permitted to return to the school after Pesach. The official reason is the building lacks the official permit to continue operating.

The community, which has some traditional residents and a Chabad shaliach who has been there for many years, has a non-religious character to it. There is davening on Shabbos but the community remains by and large secular.

Persons affiliated with the school explain the leaders of the non-religious Galil community have been using their political connections to make sure the proper permit is not issued, making it clear. The chareidim are not wanted. The Education Ministry has responded harshly, explaining it is clear the community is trying to oust the school simply because it is chareidi.

Local and regional council officials explain the school lacks the correct permit to continue operating. Residents of Yesod HaMaale explain they do not want the school because the fear it will attract additional chareidim and they do not want to change the character of their community.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)