Eruv Controvery Stirring In Crown Heights; Rabbi Groner Says Rebbe ‘Strongly Opposed Eruv’, Warns Those Considering It


rebbeThe following is via COL:

Rabbi Leibel Groner, who served as the Rebbe’s secretary for over 40 years, used unequivocal terms to shut down recent calls to construct an Eruv in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In written quotes sent to, Rabbi Groner says that “all Anash and Temimim should discard this idea,” citing the Rebbe’s opposition to the idea despite its conveniences.

“The Rebbe strongly opposed making an Eiruv in our community, and he reiterated on several occasions that no one has permission to make an Eiruv here,” Rabbi Groner wrote.

Rabbi Groner went on to warn: “All those who, Rachmana Litzlan, are considering making an Eiruv here that anyone who does so, Rachmana Litzlan, is starting up with the Rebbe, and he should recognize the effect it may have, G-d forbid, on himself and his family etc.”

He said that when an Eruv was being planned in Melbourne, Australia, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, his brother and the Head Shliach, as well as the Chief Rabbi Chaim Gutnick asked the Rebbe how to proceed.

groner“The Rebbe’s reply was that they should oppose it fiercely,” Rabbi Leibel Groner says.

His statement follows a letter from 2 members of the Crown Heights Beis Din (Badatz) in which they stayed clear from the halachic ramifications of an Eruv or the Rebbe’s opinion on the matter.

The public letter addressing “the Eruv controversy” was signed by Rabbi Yaacov Schwei and Rabbi Yosef Braun and dated Monday, Iyar 2.

In it, they quote the Rebbe that it is the responsibility of the local rabbis to determine what should be done in the neighborhood.

They added that the “thought and attempt” to erect an Eruv without their consent “borderlines destroying the religion, Heaven forbid.”

Rabbis Schwei and Braun concluded that if an Eruv is built without their involvement it would be halachically considered “invalid” and still “certainly forbidden to carry in the streets of the neighborhood on Shabbos.”

Last week, Rabbi Shalom Ber Levine, the Chabad librarian and a scholar of the Alter Rebbe’s teachings, disputed the notion that the Shulchan Aruch Harav would permit an Eruv in an area like Crown Heights.

His 10-page halachic dissertation in Hebrew was released following on an article by resident Dovber Schwartz that argued otherwise.

Discussion over construction an Eruv has long been brewing by younger segments of the community, hoping to roam more freely in the neighborhood on Shabbos. An anonymous GoFundMe campaign has so far raised $2,047 from 16 people and shared 350 times on social media.

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  1. While the rebbe,Z’TL, may have opposed the idea 20 or 30 years ago for various reasons, there may be equally good reasons today to reconsider the option….an eruv is clearly something that is driven by the desire to make shemiras Shabbos more attractive to more yidden and is governed halachically by the psak of the local beis din and every individual’s local rav or posek. Why not build it and allow those who choose to rely upon it do so and for others, there would be no issue since the could continue as they do today.

  2. Someone has yet to produce a copy of a letter or note or transcript of a Sicha where the Lubavitcher Rebbe opposed an Eruv in Crown Heights.

    Meanwhile its all hearsay

  3. To No. 3:

    It may be “hearsay” but for most chabadniks, even if there is a small likelihood the rebbe may have actually held that position, they will take the more conservative path and not rely upon an eruv. It would be like a Satmar following the holding of rav Moshe on mixed seating on the public transportation or Rav Gavornlik on cholov yisroel.

  4. #2, that would create a situation like in Flatbush which is terrible, speaking of Flatbush why cant there be one in Flatbush besides the Ocean Parkway area, so have it in parts.

  5. Karlbenmarx:

    Because Reb Moshe ZT”L aasured it. None of these new cutting edge Rabbanim, with all their boech sevaros, come even close to Rav Moshe’s toenails.

  6. The rebbe was in crown heights for fifty years. You don’t think the question came up more then once. There are plenty of people in crown heights who have done things opposite of what the rebbe said. For example look all of the tznius issues that are there today.

  7. Hagaon Rav Moshe Fienstien Z”L declared in written words unequivocally that one cannot make an eruv in New York City,and in all it’s Boroughs.End of Story.

  8. The rebbe obviously was against it because of other reasons that it wouldnt be halachically viable….and tobsay that him saying not to do is hearsay is in itself apikorses…what do you think mesorah is then? This is his right habd man repeating what the rebbe said thats mesorah not hearsay….there is no do part for some..your either with the rebbe or your not there is no comoromise otherwise he wouldve said that….i do agree that it could tear apart the lubavitch religion and therefore should not be done.

  9. @#11

    Stop haacking in chinaik!!!

    Reb Moshe permitted an Eruv in Queens and Far Rockaway.
    Besides, Seagate has an Eruv.
    The topic is deep. Please do your homework.

  10. #11, Rav Moshe’s pasuk said there couldn’t be an erev in Manhattan or Brooklyn. He did approve the erevs in Queens. Among it’s many differences, Queens developed as separate cities whereas Brooklyn was one city. And also it’s population is significantly smaller. Look on the websites for the Queens erev’s (such as to see a better explanation then I can provide here, including the approbation from Rav Moshe zt”l.