VIDEOS: Jews From NY Wearing Local Garb Dancing In Morocco Near Kever of Son of Shlomo Hamelech


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A group of around 70 people led by Mr Louie Scheiner of NY travelled to a few Kevarim the past week.

According to an itinerary provided by a group participant to YWN, the group traveled – among other places – to the kever of one of the son of Shlomo Hamelech in Morocco.

The group left last Tuesday to Amsterdam, where they visited local Shul’s, as well as the Kever of Mekubal Menashe Ben Yisroel.

From Amsterdam to Kosice (Slovakia), where they took a bus from Kosice to Kerestir (Hungary), where they davened at the kever of Reb Yeshaya of Kerestir on his Yartzheit.

The then flew from Kosice to Tunis (Tunisia) where they toured the old Shul, Cemetery and Souk; Meeting with Tunisian President and Prime Minister.

The group continued from Tunis to Rome (Italy), visiting sites in Rome, old Jewish Catacombs, synagogue and Vatican.

From Rome to Lisbon (Portugal) where they remained for Shabbos.

On Sunday they flew from Lisbon to Seville (Spain); and flying from Seville to Rabat (Morocco) – driving to Rabbi Amram ben Diwan.

The group then flew from Rabat to Ouarzazate (Morocco), where they then drove to a small dirt road in jeeps (travel time 2 hours), transferred onto ATV’S for a 45 minute ride to the kever of the son of Shlomo Hamelech.


They were scheduled to return to NY on Tuesday.

Another video shows the group dancing in a remote village in Morocco. The following explains the video.

A participant wrote the following: “We walked where no Jew walked before. This is the tomb of one of the sons of king Solomon. To get there you need to drive through the most amazing dust roads mountains and valleys for miles and miles. Until you reach this community. They wouldn’t allow us to pass, so we have them gifts. 10 lambs. And we sang to them until they slowly opened up. We gave candy to the kids and as we sang I shlepped in a few of the elders. The young started singing and we got closer. But they apologized that they can’t let us in to the tomb but we can daven across the road. They said a prayer for us and we for them we sang salem and said good bye.

A video that has gone viral shows the group passing through security in Morocco as they sang and danced.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Its wonderful that we have such erhliche yidden in NYC who have so much time on their hands and find new ways to throw money away in the name of davening at kevorim in countries where yidden are persecuted or simply have left. They are beginning to make the Nachmen groupies from Uman look rational. This has become more of a yiddeshe version of “new age meshugaas” up to and including this new “lvush”. Their niggunim seem to be limited to one or two melodies to which they dance over and over again awaiting for some spiritual enlightenment.

  2. Curious. Did any body besides myself laugh thinking that the outfits they are wearing are reminiscent of the KKK? At least the guy holding the lamb.

  3. #2 Why??? They are full of life. What should they do ? Hang around Lakewood, Boro park and pick their nose. Come on. We only have ONE life , let’s use it to see G-ds world.

  4. Id like to write to the olam a letter

    I was thinking last night what it would have been like if i was on this trip as a guest and what i would be thinking

    First of all i would be thinking i died and went to heaven to be a part of this most amazing trip in every way in every detail from the plane train automobiles buses food accommodation alchol action packed schedule going from Amsterdam awesome breakfest amazing shul to Hungary to reb shayalah who can describe the tears and energy we felt by the kever and the seudah the singing the mizamrim then meeting the prime minister of tunis such kavod police escort . then a awesome dairy yes dairy dinner in rome crazy . A shabbos no one will never forget in their life A kabbolah shabbos that the bal shem would have loved to be by who ever wasn’t there will never understand the indescribable devekus that was felt not describable no words then a seudah friday night the food alchol in Portugal . Not STAM shabbos morning amazing chulent everything not one detail left out every desire we had provided for us motzie shabbos awsome kumzits sunday we fly to rabbat we go to reb amaram ben diwan like after such a shabbos we get to go to reb amram then we fly to marrakech for dinner and the market gorgeous dinner simcha galore we dance through the airport with such real simcha no words the video says it all it wasn’t staged not stam next day amazing breakfast and reb chiya ben baruch and then the whole drive and awsome kiddush hashem at. Shlomo hamelech children kever then last night a beautfuil dinner and a gorgeous hotel again

    Im not a big writer and there is lots and lots of minor details that i left out but the trip was amazing a 10 no words would be sufficient

    Now to me after describing all of that a thank you seems to a little overwhelming how do i thank someone for providing me with me so much on such a crazy level i sit and think should i tell him in person should i write him a note should i send him a bottle should i post a thank you on Facebook i really want to thank this guy and i want him to invite me again i want to be part of the trip club and i also want to show hakoras hatov i have no words how do i say thank you
    What i was thinking is that each and every person on this trip was decided by the one above by hashem by the one who decides everything from every detail to the weather temperature to the bus being on time to us making the flight to us being over weight with bags
    He is the one that decided who was invited on this trip he told me who to take who not to take for how long to be on the trip who was zochie to see such a shabbos who wasn’t .
    Its crazy to me i was sitting thinking shabbos how come those guys that left friday where not zochie to be by that shabbos that was the craziest shabbos that i ever experienced Friday night i really liked those guys why did they have to miss that part and the answer was that what hashem decided who should go home Sunday morning who monday who Tuesday .
    we had the most mixed bag of people we ever met if you think about putting together this group even for hashem he had to move somethings around to get us all together this was no simple feat we had the broadest spectrum of people .
    so if anyone has real brains and clarity you take all your energy thinking and just talk out of your mouth in detail make a list and thank hashem about every detail of this trip that was amazing and say thank you because if you say thank you hashem properly he will probably work it out that you will be on some other once in a life time experience . The smart person will focus all of his thoughts and thanks on hashem thats parmount to everything think about why whould any sane person do this or decide who should get invited makes no sense
    Yes you can say thank you to me and do and say what ever you feel and i will graciously accept because thats my job but in all honestly REDIRECT all of your energy to the person that REALLY invited you on this trip and took care of your every need and move and try to kiss up to him and angle for him to get you and the next trip or that you can make your own trip have the brains to focus and what a sick gift he hashem has just given you and me from every single step of the way more then we even know or could imagine for me the trip was a 10 .
    I appricate and thank all of you for coming along and being you Excatly who you are because that was the exact chemistry that hashem decided will make our trip amazing warm inspirational uplifting and special

    It’s important to note we are all very important officers in hashem army and he decided to send his special battalion and top group of neshomahs and to collect the sparks in all of these countries scary and yet so holy we acted and i was proud that we acted with conduct fitting of his officer and made a constant kiddush hashem and a proof hashem was proud he was showing off his soldiers on social media he decided it should be there he was very proud of us

    All those who are in pain and suffering ( meaning those that are dependent nebech on substance to be able to feel or not to feel and are struggling i for sure am not one to judge about struggling with somethings) hashem should help all of our teffilos should be miskable and that we should not need to be busy with those things and are flight should be smoke free 😉 or should only smoke recreationally and responsively because it make sense not out of need

    Thank you for all the logistical people that killed them selves on this trip stayed up hours and didn’t sleep stressed work and fed
    In no particular order or in conjunction with their amount of work

    Srully subar
    Srully assistant
    Jack shelbys
    Mikey bliech
    Eli goldman
    Shimon ganz
    Pinny fischer
    Shuki jacobs
    Yossi scherr
    Schmilie benedeck
    Izzy sibrowski
    Yoily lebowitz
    Levi duchman
    Levi banoun
    Gad bouskila
    Daniel ovadia
    Daniel koran
    Barry boruch kay

    And the list goes on if i forgot to mention anyone please be me mochel hashem is in charge and knows the best how to give good credit for helping and taking care of his soldiers

    Who ever wants to show hakoras hatov to the special agents levi and levi who mamsh where amazing to us they are proudly doing hashem work in morroco and dubai etc helping yiddin keeping up their neshomas with torah and mitzvos kashrut education you can make a donation to chabbad levi and levi show ill get the excat details as you know i never solicit ever these are good yiddin who are open minded and care about klall yisroel as a whole sifardim and ashkinazim chassidim and even litvaks real ahavas yisroel so please support them special people

    Thank you all love you

    Im sure we will all be in touch
    Humbled your friend and very proud and honored to be A general in hashem army lazer

  5. It’s more than a little odd to sign off a comment like that with the handle “Depression.” But since the rest of it was so disjointed, it shouldn’t be surprising.

  6. @gadol hatorah….wondering if you have any idea what your talking about….its amazing how jeslousy can warp a persons mind….if you had any idea about who these people are and didnt just assume without being dam lkaf zchus then you woukd realize these people you called meshuganas are a major part of the reason lakewood and many other yeshivas are able to exist today… fact because if these “meshuganas” your kids are able to continue to go to yeshivas or bais yackov…… publicy wrote something that coukd embarress any one of these people….you owe them a public apology…if not for their sake then for your own…g-d forbid there should be any punishment for your careless assumptions.

  7. Why do you publicize people that have too much time on their hands and too much money in they. Instead of spending money in they anti Semitic countries that through out the hidden after predicting them they could have better used their time and money to fix the Kevorim that have been destroyed in togas and hat Hasidim. But no that’s boring been there done that. I don’t care how much tzedoka these people give they forget very easily that it is not their money but rather they are caretakers of Hashems money who can take it away from them in a second for wasting it of these foolish wasteful Tripoli.

  8. I’m sorry, but I feel the need to respond to the two that obviously went.

    Mashal L’mah HaDaver Domeh:
    A son had to leave his father’s house in Israel to travel to America for financial reasons. In America he struggled immensely to make a parnasa. Years past. There was communication back and forth in letters. The father stated many times that he missed his son terribly. The son reciprocated that he hoped to some day save up enough to make a trip to visit his father.
    After many years the son writes his father excitedly that he’s saved up enough money to make a trip next month… to visit his cousin in Timbuktu!

    Can you imagine the pain and anger the father would have that his son chose his cousin over his loving father to visit?! Granted, if there was a pressing need to visit his cousin (i.e. he’s very ill, etc.) it would be understandable. However, if there is no real need why in the world would he visit his cousin over his father?!

    Nimshal: Why in the world would any G-d fearing Jew travel to Morocco over Israel where his Father in Heaven is most felt?! This in my mind is a slap in the face of his creator! I hope they had a better excuse than just to visit Shlomo HaMelech’s son’s grave.