Controversy In Israel: Rabbi Piron Allows Chosson And Kallah To Recite The 6th And 7th Brochos Together Under The Chupah


chuppahA chasunah conducted by former Yesh Atid party minister Rabbi Shai Piron under the auspices of Tzohar Rabbonim on Erev Shabbos is causing a stir. A video that was leaked to the media documents the chosson and kallah simultaneously recited the sixth and seventh of the sheva brachos under the chupah.

In response, Rabbi Shlomo HaKohen Aviner Shlita stated that in addition to be a violation of the regulations set forth by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, such an act is contrary to halacha, but he fell short of citing the source for his ruling. He did add that in line with the Chief Rabbinate of Israel regulations, the latter should revoke Rabbi Piron’s permit to conduct a chupah.

Other rabbonim responded by explaining this is a breach of the accepted norm and should not be permitted to pass without a response. Rabbonim explain they understand this occurs infrequently in what they call the “liberal stream” of the dati leumi community.

At the time of this report, Rabbi Piron and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel have not responded.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The stupidest aspect of this is that while the bracha was said, no one blessed this couple to have sason v’simcha. If they would have realized the power of a bracha they would never have considered such a foolish action. THEIR MARRAIGE IS STARTING VOID OF THOSE BRACHOT!!! VERY SAD!

  2. Do these rabbonim have too much time on their hands? Without even giving a formal reason under halacha as to why the kalah cannot say a baracha with her chosson he goes off and starts another fight. Where was he when some rabbonim officiate at weddings with teen age girls hardly old enough to understanding the obligations of their katabuah?? Or where parents waste hundreds of thousands of NIS for over the top entertainment at chassanahs. Does he not have anything better to do with time than criticize a respected Rav and public official for allowing a young woman to say a baracha along with her chosson??? Amazing. No wonder so many of the rabbinical bureaucracy in EY are held in such contempt.

  3. I am curious: exactly what prohibition occurred. Except for the fact that this is not done [to the best of my knowledge] at Orthodox weddings, it seems to me that the chasan has the right to make any of the sheva brachos, or several of them as well. Even if the kallah should not, the most she did was make a brachah levatala. If it is worse that that, I wish some great Rav will explain the sources for this great ourtcry.

    can somebody explain what terrible issur was done here?

  4. “such an act is contrary to halacha, but he fell short of citing the source for his ruling”

    What *is* the halachic source? I always thought that it was minhag.

  5. Why in the world would you think it was the choson and kallah? Saying the sheva brachos at their own wedding? No need to add weirder to already weird. It was a different couple- friends of the choson and kallah.

  6. Halocha shmalocha as long as he’s a good tzioni all will be well. Who cares about halocha and minhagim going back thousands of years.

  7. The gemara seems to hold that a valid marriage requires several things such as kiddushin (most use a ring), kesubah, or bi’ah — but not making the sheva brachos, nor a license from the government. It seems to be a dubious addition to halacha to add to the halachic requirements.

  8. Boy! I haven’t seen so much ignorance and arrogance in the comment section before today.

    to #2 – it’s clear you know little of the goings on in Israel. Rav Avner is D’L and highly respected in the D”L community. This Rabbi Shai Piron, I am not very familiar with (other than he’s in politics) so I can’t make any comments on him myself. However, if Rav Avner (whom he himself is known to be very מיקל) came out against him, that doesn’t put Rabbi Piron in good light.

    to #4 – you state “the most she did was make a brachah levatala.” You obviously do not know the severity of a Bracha Levatala.

    to #6 – Even though the article says, “the chosson and kallah simultaneously recited the sixth and seventh of the sheva brachos”, it appears (after investigation) that it was another couple. However, the D”L news site Kippa states there was clearly a violation of Kol Isha non-the-less.