GOP Official Quits After Charges She Used Racist Obama Meme


Barack ObamaThe chairwoman of the Delta County Republican Party who was accused of favoritism and posting a racist meme on her Facebook page has resigned.

Party officials were upset after a photo compared President Barack Obama to a chimpanzee appeared on Linda Sorenson web page, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported.

Sorenson stepped down after an accountability meeting was convened by the county’s Republican Central Committee investigating the allegations. She announced her decision to resign in an email to supporters.

The committee was investigating allegations that Sorenson and others made that her Facebook page was “hacked” and whether she violated party rules by endorsing a primary candidate.

Sorenson said her Facebook page was hacked, but Colorado Party Chairman Steve House said that was not the case.

And in an interview in May after the image was posted, Sorenson said she didn’t care if people were offended by the image.

Don Suppes, mayor of Orchard City, who is running for the Delta County Commission, said he wasn’t at the meeting, but he got the email and agreed with the decision.

“There’s no room for racism, intended or unintended, in society,” he said. “It’s best for the party, best for the county, that she step down.”

Party members said Sorenson also urged people to vote for U.S. Senate candidate Daryl Glenn, even though six Republicans were competing for the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in the June 28 Republican primaries. Glenn won the primary.

Under party rules, officials of state and local parties, including their leaders, are not allowed to endorse one primary candidate over another.

“That is one of the hardest parts of that job,” Suppes said. “You have to stay neutral no matter how strong your feelings are one way or another. You have to stay neutral.”



  1. Was she characterizing all/most/many members of a particular race? If she was, she should be dismissed and not afforded the luxury of “you can’t fire me, I quit.” Or was she, perhaps, expressing her scorn and hatred for, and disagreement with, the POTUS? If so, she should be protected by her rights to freedom of speech. There is a big difference between these two.

  2. Racism is racism whether directed at an individual or a group. There are many ways of legitimately criticism a person without sinking to the level of racial slurs.

  3. “she should be protected by her rights to freedom of speech”

    Only the government is prohibited from taking adverse action against speech it doesn’t like. If you work for a private employer they have the right to fire you for something you say or write.

  4. The Republicans ALWAYS fall on the sword while the demopoops, who invented racism, get away with this this all the time.

    Sick people!