Shock After Learning An Eida’s Girl School Has Been Accepting State Funds


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1The Chachmas Lev school for girls was established seventeen years ago after parents pulled their girls out of Bnos Rochel, learning the latter was accepting state funds. There is now a storm in the Eida community after it was learned Chachmas Lev has also accepting state funds all these years from the ‘Treif Zionist government’.

The situation is such the Eida’s Education Committee was scheduled to meet on Sunday afternoon 27 Sivan but the meeting was pushed off a day to money. The rabbonim will discuss the breach in protocol, the acceptance of funding from the ‘Medina’.

According to reports, parents realized something was wrong when they saw Education Ministry officials visiting the school. While the principal is insisting he was unaware of the funding, parents are demanding the Eida Education Committee oust him from his post. The principal’s wife and brother-in-law appear to have made the arrangement with the ministry.

The school principal has been summoned to meet with Gavaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Shlita as well as will Rav Zelig Reuven Katzenelbogen of Torah V’Yirah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “The situation is such the Eida’s Education Committee was scheduled to meet on Sunday afternoon 27 Sivan but the meeting was pushed off a day to money…”

    Perhaps they meant מאָנטיק rather than $$$$

    In any event, this school has a good reputation, perhaps in part due to the fact they have the funds to pay for good teachers and facilities. Hopefully, the parents who are causing the complaints will pull their children out of this school and take them to some dark cave to be sure they don’t get a good education

  2. Give back the money none kosher money it is kosher if the money is in $$$ or EU or UK lbs then it is kosher and will keep taking more off the same

  3. #1 Yes, I bet they would. Neturai Karta would, why wouldn’t the Eidah?

    Btw, this is not the first school to be found doing that. The Eidah used to quietly give permission to yeshivos to take money from the Zionist government, as long as they kept it secret. The reason for this is because the Eidah gives money to yeshivos so they shouldn’t have to take state funds, but the Eidah can’t afford to give a lot. So they often have this arrangement. They had it with the Karliner Yeshivah, and with the Chasam Sofer yeshivah in Battai Ungarin. This was back in the 80’s.

  4. OMG, this is totally devestating and terrible news for anyone who is a committed Neutura Karta fanatic, but for the rest of us simple yidden in Eretz Yisroel who send our girls to the Bais Yaakov and see our girls turn out very nice, we see that the money from the state does NOT make a TREIF education….

  5. The Eida Ha’chareidis has a right to keep to their principle of not taking funding from the state. That doesn’t automatically make them terrorist-loving Neturei Karta’niks. Leave them alone!

  6. Everyone saying, that tuition in EY is very affordable. Do not believe, than parents, who paid not really high tuition, do not realize the school getting additional funds from the side sources. If parents will pay tuition, that covers teacher’s salaries and all other school expenses – school will not need additional money from the state. If parents can’t afford this level of tuition and would like to have a good school, they have to be dependant on state money or to find other source for supporting the school

  7. Gadol Hador,

    Your anti- Torah reform rants belong in the Forward.

    I have read your comments. Why don’t you and Rabbi of Berlin run off to the Reform temple which is paying you off.

    You are both reform rabbis posing as Torah observant Jews.

  8. Can someone tell me if the Eidah folks walk on the sidewalks built by Medina funds, drive cars or use buses on roads built by Medina funds, call Medina fire engines in case of a fire, G-d forbid, or go to the Kotel recaptured and now protected by Medina soldiers (with the help of the RSh”O)? Phonies and hypocrites!

  9. #12

    It is not fair to call them hypocrites for the reasons you have. First of all, they have no realistic choice but to use the infrastructure and rescue services. Also, educational institutions are different; they do not want outside influence on their educational institutions.

  10. Moshe B.
    I don’t know the answers to all your questions, but I do know many people who are makpid NOT to go to the Kosel.

  11. #12 Moshe B: it’s only regarding school funding that they refuse the state’s largess. That’s how they always practiced it. There are some who don’t visit the Kosel for this reason. You may like their custom or not, but there’s nothing phony or hypocritical about it. They’re not telling you what to do — so don’t tell them what to do.

  12. Very briefly what I have posted in the past:
    1) The Eidah is NOT the Neturei Karta; they separated long ago, disavowed themselves from them, and actually have different shitos.
    2) The Divrei Yoel, who led the Eidah for close to three decades, permitted voting in local elections, etc. It was only national elections with which he took issue.
    3) The Eidah has leaders, the NK does not.
    4) Surprise, surprise: Even the yeshivisheh mosdos don’t take everything from the State. This is not an Eidah / Rest of the World machlokes.

  13. One has nothing to do with each other. Taking support for children’s education is an old debate between gedolei Torah. I wouldn’t call all those Rabonim that were against taking funds from secular sources “phonies”.

  14. To No. 11….

    Yes, its “anti-torah” to suggest that the girls of this school don’t deserve the same quality education with the same level of funding as any other girls in EY. Why should they be allowed to sit all day in a nice classroom with good teachers and have a nutritious meal at lunchtime. Such an outcome is clearly contrary to haalacha and daas torah. Hashem yarachem.

  15. #12:
    whether you agree with their shitah or not, there is no excuse to call a group of talmidei chachomim hypocrites, phonies or any other non complimentary names. Just look at what the Chofetz Chaim has to say about that!
    I’m sure that they are grateful to the state for the ability to Daven at the kosel and use the government services. But that does not mean they have to take funding from them for their chadorim and thereby allow them to have a say in the way they are mechanech their children,
    Let’s just live and let live