Convicted Toeiva Parade Murderer Schlisel Takes A Beating In Prison


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1Yishai Schlisel, who was convicted in the murder of Shira Banki during a Jerusalem toeiva parade, is having issues in prison.

According to a Channel 10 News report, Schlisel tore up photos of women about two weeks ago, photos from his cellmate, explaining they were not modest and he could not tolerate them. As a result, the cellmate beat him to the point he required medical intervention. Following the beating, the two have been separated.

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Schlisel to life imprisonment plus 31 years for the murder and six counts of attempted murder for attacking people at the parade. Schlisel was also ordered to pay over NIS 2 million to the family of Shira Banki and NIS 258,000 to each of the attempted murder victims.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is a disgrace about what happen in the parade. Violence never brings any Jew closer to Hashem. I am pretty sure, no one at the parade did Teshuva after his several stabbing attempts. Furthermore, to continue with similar issues in prison is a total Chilul Hashem. Hashem should protect us from these evil people.

  2. #1 As if there was even 1 person who ever did teshuva or became closer to Judaism this year or all the other years when there weren’t any stabbing attacks.

    You got the understanding of Chillul Hashem wrong. The Chillul Hashem was done by the government for allowing immoral parades against Hashem to pass in the Hashem’s country and in the holiest city, no less, and by the paraders for their provocative acts against Hashem. That’s a humongous Chillul Hashem.

    A Chillul Hashem is forcing someone to look at photos of immodest women and causing him to commit iniquities and huge sins against Hashem and beating him up if he doesn’t. That’s a Chillul Hashem.

  3. @1,5,6: The homosexuals want tolerance, they can start by tolerating the masses of chareidim who don’t want to see a gay parade outside their window. Only one fool, Schlissel, wants to kill them. The rest of us, evidently, are not killers.

    The homosexuals should try this in Saudi Arabia or Iran, but they won’t because they tolerate islam. But they don’t tolerate Orthodox Judaism. This is the hypocrisy of social justice.

  4. B”H at least one of the commentators here, Arye #3, has got it right. Sodomy is against the Torah. Doing things that are against the will of the Eibishte is what causes a chillul Hashem. Standing up for the holy Torah is what is right and proper to do. Sometimes people, like Reb Yishai Shlisel lose themselves in their desire to see evil doers punished and cross red lines. That is what happened here and he is serving a long prison sentence as punishment for his unfounded zealousness. However does that mean that he needs to see forbidden pictures? Hopefully his assailant will have an additional long prison term added to his sentence.

  5. I wonder how many years Pinchas ben Elazar got locked up for his chilul Hashem.
    In fact, I heard, but it’s probably not true, that there still are some ultra orthodox fanatics that read reverently about Pinchas in their shuls on Shabbos!
    What a chilul Hashem!