Exciting Italy Tour! Tour Venice, Padua, Verona and beyond! This Thanksgiving week – with Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky and Rabbi Doniel Baron!


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Save your place! Take a special Tour of Italy’s greatest Gems-Venice, Padua, Verona & beyond – this Thanksgiving week – November 23-28, 2016. Tour Italy’s greatest historical gems, ancient Jewish communities, and famous sites on this custom designed Kosher L’Mehadrin luxury touring experience with Nesivos/ Jewish Legacy Tours; inspiring Torah lectures, famous sites, beautiful hotels, and fresh gourmet meals! Spend a relaxing Shabbos in an Italian villa!

Join world-renowned educator & speaker Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky and Rabbi Doniel Baron on this exciting, inspiring & powerful tour. Rabbi Orlofsky’s riveting Torah lectures, down-to- earth personality and humor is the perfect match for Rabbi Baron’s brilliant and entertaining historical insights. You’ll experience Venice’s magnificent ancient shuls, the world’s first Ghetto, and take in the awesome sites and spectacular architecture of St. Mark’s square and the Rialto bridge. Enjoy a gondola ride and get “lost” through Venice’s labryinth of exciting sites. Visit one of Italy’s oldest shuls in Padua and the Ramchal’s home, and daven at the kever of Maharam MiPadua. Jewish history comes alive as you visit some of Italy’s oldest Jewish communties and enjoy learning about its fascinating history and how it plays an important role in our Jewish history & mesorah!

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