Reward For 4 Stolen Sifrei Torah From Flatbush Shul Raised To $10,000


stThe hunt for the man who stole the four Sifrei Torah on Simchas Torah night continues. Sources tell YWN that Detectives have credible leads and in fact have the name of the man they are looking for.

As YWN reported on Tuesday night, security camera footage captured the suspect entering Rabbi Beyda’s Shul located at 808 Avenue O near East 8th Street. Four (Sephardic) Sifrei Torah were stolen from the Shul.

The Sifrei Torah were used on Simchas Torah night for Hakafos before being placed back into the Aron Kodesh.

Meanwhile, the The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, has announced a $9,000 in addition to the $1000 reward previously offered by Councilman David Greenfield, to help find the thief who brazenly stole Sifrei Torah.

“Working with the shuls’ leaders, Flatbush Shomrim, the NYPD, and Councilman Greenfield who represents the area, the FJCC is confident that the increased reward will help encourage those with information to come forward” stated Josh Mehlman, Chairman, FJCC.

Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez personally assured FJCC leaders that every effort will be extended to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law. Any information? Call 800-577-TIPS.